12 days for 150 Points

    • dany2391
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      I started playing poker a few months ago and I got the 50$ bonus from Poker Strategy.I've begun to play FL but I haven't had the time to clear my bonus :f_cry:
      I know it sounds impossible but does anyone know how I could clear my bonus in 12 DAYS?
      By the way I cleared 150 points at Party Poker and I have 150 left to be cleared...
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    • bluffalot123
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      grind grind grind :)

      at pp its something like 10 party points for 500 raked hands for .1/.2 and .0.5/.1
      so u need to play bout 7.5k hands so probs similar on most platforms
    • fulja
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      You can do it if you multitable without a problem....i was getting somewhere around 30-40 PP per day for 6--9 tabling NL10 for about 2 hours a day if i remember correctly. So, grind mode ON :)