PT3 question,pls help if u can

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      Hi guys,need a little help.

      Is there anyway ,in pokertracker 3 , to make some stats appear only after a certain number of hands?
      Because let's say VPIP and PFR are important after 20 hands ,but 3bet percentaje ,WTSD and other stuff are good only after let's say 100hands.
      I'm asking this because i multitable and when i'm tired sometimes i use a stat that is not accurate and it gets me into trouble.

      Any help is much appreciated,10x
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    • eszibit
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      ok,so since nobody knows i asked on the forum on pt3 forum and this is the answer i got if anybody else is interested :)

      "You can configure this sort of thing to an extent - you can replace the actual stat's text with different text under situations that match what you specify.

      I'll walk you through how to do one, from there it should be easy to figure out.

      Let's change VP$IP to only show a value if a player has 10 hands, otherwise it will show an X.

      Click Configure --> Configure Statistics, choose the Holdem Cash Player Statistics section, and go to the Statistics tab. Scroll down to VP$IP and click on it then click the Dup button. Rename your statistic to something else (you can't edit the default stats, but you can create ones that are nearly identical), say VP$IP-X. Go to the Format tab. In the format expression tab change /%.2f to:
      if (cnt_hands < 10, 'X', format('{1}',format_number( ((cnt_vpip / cnt_hands) * 100),0,false,false)))

      Save the stat and you should be able to begin using it immediately. Here's how it works, it says if a player has less than 10 hands (cnt_hands < 10), then display 'X', otherwise, display the number that is equivalent to VP$IP (with no decimal places).

      You can then adapt this format expression for other statistics fairly easily (look on the Definition tab's Value Expression to see how each statistic is calculated)."
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