Starting playing NL6Max micro

    • heelia
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      Hello every1!
      Thanks to PS I was able to receive second starting capital and I have decided, after trying a lot of types of poker (ya - FL, NL (FR|SH), SnGs, micro MTTs, Omaha, Omaha 8, Stud, Razz, Badugi), try to build up this 50$ trough shorthanded play. I am curious about the BRM - I would like to play 4 tables with reads (without stats until I build it for buyin a HM pro) - and I'm still thinkin about it. The lowest stake is 2c/4c so I have only 10buyins for this limit - is this enough or should I deposit for my own safety?
      I have to say I'm still not experiencing a downsing but who knows... My BR stays now about 60$ and I'm doin pretty well. Thanks for your advices, SHC will be useful too - just post me a link or some guide, I'll be really happy.
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    • flopraiser
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      I've been playing NL6 max at NL10 and now NL25, I find it to be high in variance as so many people call you down with their speculative holdings not giving you much idea of where your at with the hand sometimes. Def +ev in the long term against these players. I work on a 25 BI policy put looking to increase this to 50 at the moment.

      Would only deposit if you lose your capital but stick to the limit your at untill you have at least $250 to move up to NL10
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      First welcome to NL5 SH at PartyPoker
      The initial capital isn't enough for you to start on NL5 SH because it's a high variance game and your BR of 60$ is just 12 buy-ins. I made the exact same mistake when I got the 2nd capital at PartyPoker. Started 4-tabling NL5 SH and had an hot upswing that doubled my BR in 2 days. Unfortunately 100$ is 20 buy-ins and that isn't just enough to cope with downswings since you have no SH limit below NL5.

      I would really advise you build a decent bankroll playing NL2 FR BSS because it's really soft or NL5/NL10 FR SSS. You're playing with a great risk of going broke.

      But if you really want to play NL5 SH, just stick to ONE or TWO tables. I use Holdem Manager playing with opponents with +1k hands stats and reads that I take note and it's not always easy.

      As for a SHC you shouldn't really use one because you must adjust to the players on your left and right, table dynamics, and the image that you're developing at the table. But try a bit like this way: if the table is tight loosen up your late position PFR (CO, BTN and SB); if it is loose tighten up and play strong hands.

      GL and see you there
    • heelia
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      Thank you very much for the reply, I think I'll create a blog soon ;) Any feedback for the previous questions here is still appreciated (such some knowhow etc :) )
      Yours, Jan