Final Hands

    • h50n
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      what are your final hands statistics like on poker tracker, I seem to be losing alot of money from one pair hands, could you please post screen caps of your final hands summaries so i can see what mine should look like

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    • taavi1337
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      FL though
    • PetterG2
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      "One pair" also includes EVERY time you have one pair, which means that every freeplay situation and every time you fold botton/middle-pairs when your plan was to float or something counts in. If you could see your winrate at toppair/good-kicker it would probably be MUCH better. I about breakeven on one pair, but I'm only playing NL5 atm, so toppair pays off alot more :P I wouldn't worry to much about it tbh.
    • michaelqian
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      Above is right.

      If you have J9, board is 22467, then you have one pair, 22.