Having trouble with NL50

    • Koshburger
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      Hey guys, been playing poker for about a year now and have just started insane multitabling (14 - 16 Tables at once).

      I have a steady 4.16/100BB on NL25 and I love it. Bankroll was up to $516 so I decided to go to NL50. I played just as I would with NL25 and the change is so dramatic I almost cried. My graphs below:

      NL25: :s_grin:

      And NL50 :s_cry:

      Is there some uber trick to defeating NL50? Should I be intensely studying, or does it just get more experience.
      I'm not set on not multitabling, I'm not relying on reads or stats. I want to grind VPPs on Pokerstars to get the bonuses etc etc.

      Any advice? :)
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