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SSS starting hand chart.

    • pk1234
      Joined: 18.12.2009 Posts: 9
      I dont understand it... you raise with JJ in early position, and you dont play AT,KJ on late,blind positions.

      Im a begginner, but could someone explain me why its this way? Were it upto me, I wouldnt raise 4bb with JJ in early position, more likely I would call or raise 2bb, but I would also atleast try playing something like KJ on small/big blind... raise 2bb or call.

      It of course matters on the number of players that call, but if none did, Im sb, why not raise with AT/KJ? On the other hand JJ in early position, a 4bb bet seems really dangerous...
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    • mishkagg
      Joined: 29.07.2008 Posts: 1,354
      4 bb with jacks is a profitable raise from any position. This is because you can go all in with jacks and be ahead against the re-raise ranges.

      KT, AT and such crap are not in the starting hand chart because they are very easily dominated and are hard to play on the flop.

      2 bb raise on the BU or the blinds is a horrible idea because you give the opponents great pot odds to call you with almost any two cards. Say you are on the $0.1/0.25 lvl and you raise to $0.5 on the BU. The pot is now $0.85. The small blind has to call $0.4 to get in which is better than 2:1 pot odds. The BB needs to call $0.3. If the sb folds the BB gets almost 3:1 pot odds which he is correct to call with any two cards. If the SB jumps in the BB gets even better pod odds.

      4 bb is the raise size cause it creates bad pot odds. Say again in the latter example you bet $1. Now the SB has to pay $0.9 to get into a pot of $1.35. This is worse than 2:1 pot odds. The BB has to pay $0.75 in a pot of $1.35 which is again worse than 2:1.
    • pk1234
      Joined: 18.12.2009 Posts: 9
      I thought I understood pod odds, guess I dont. Sure the pot odds might be good for them, but you probably have the better hand when theres 1 player left and you have K10. Why should you bet more to scare him? Dont you want him to play?

      Btw had a pretty bad loss... Raised with Ak, one guy called, flop came A57, he raised I went allin... He had 2pairs A and 5, did I do the right thing?

      DAMN it happened again... Flop AK4 I went all in with AK, turned out the other guy had KK, did I do the right thing, probably did, right?

      Also 2days ago, I was at a table where everybody was folding whenever someone raised, I had AA in early position so I thought I would only call,then Flop came like 962, and after I raised a guy went allin, I called, he had 22, should I have realised that he probably had low cards because he didnt raise preflop and he must atleast have a twopair or something? Did I do the right thing here by calling?
    • Anssi
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 2,173
      You can raise KJ, AT etc. from late position, that's just not in the basic hand chart. The basic hand chart's idea is to help you avoid tricky spots. If you follow the chart, you can pretty much go all-in in any flop you have 1 pair or better. So yes, you played those hands just like they were meant to be played. For example with AK vs. A5, your opponent would probably also gone all-in in flops like AT7, when you win thanks to your better kicker or he could have had AJ instead of A5.