[NL2-NL10] Kk Nl2

    • KriZ0
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      I need a bit of help for this and I played af 888 pacific poker. It was m second hand at the table, so I did not have any reads on my opponents.

      The table was a 2NL with 8 players
      Hero is SB
      And i have been dealt KcKs

      UTG+3 limps
      MP1 folds
      MP2 and MP3 limps
      CO folds
      Hero Raises to 0.16 dollars
      MP2 and MP3 calls

      FLOP: Th6s8c
      Total pot 0.51 dollars
      Hero Bets 0.25 dollars
      MP2 and MP3 calls

      Turn Card: 9h
      Total Pot 1.21 dollars
      Everyone checks

      River Card: Jh
      Totalt pot: 1.21
      Hero Checks
      MP2 bets 0.78
      MP3 folds
      Hero ?
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    • Kaitz20
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      I would shove turn, since T9 got there, don´t think they have a lot of times 7x or maybe two pair
      If you don´t want to shove for value then c/f both turn and river are fine
      Don´t think players are bluffing too many times on that board