PLO 0.5/1 or 1/2 video needed for review ;)

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      hello english plo community ;)

      some of u have probably watched my plo100 videos for Im planing to do a user session review in the near feature.

      So i need a 30-60 minute session recorded via camtasia and uploaded by u guys ;) 4 tables would be perfect and id definitely prefer it to be shorthanded (3-6 players)

      i will analyze and comment the session and depending on the amount of interesting spots it will make for 1-3 parts.

      commentary on ur side is not necessary but it would be helpful if u explain ur hud/reads in some way to me. also plz point out spots where u were not sure or where u think u have leaks in general.

      the video quality should be at least ok, so i can record it in high quality and i cant accept session played on platforms not support by

      so im really looking forward to our videos!

      edit: theres no need to hurry. make sure u pick interesting sessions ;)
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