I figured I'd start up my own blog for the entertainment and amusement of well..whoever will read it ;)

About me: I am Erik, 29 years old from Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

I'm pretty new at the game (the game being NL Hold'em) having started to play August 2009. I think I got sucked in because of the televised events since they're the only thing worth watching after midnight (unless you like infomercials on where to find the best booty). I figured I'd give it a go, installed myself on PokerStars and I've been hooked ever since.

Truth be told, my initial months were terrible. I busted my bankroll several times and lost about $75. Fortunately I'd set myself a limit of $15 a month or I would be even further down.

I played my first (and only) live game in Oktober at a friend's place. Ended up 4th out of 9, just outside the money. But it was their encouragements that kept me from throwing in the towel alltogether. I wish I could play more live games, it's tons of fun.

So I got back to my feet, found PokerStrategy, got "forced" to join Full Tilt to get my $50 bonus and I've been doing pretty well since. In my last 11 tournaments (MT SnG) I cashed 6 times and got to the final table 8 times. PokerStrategy made a difference for me, mostly because they caution patience. A LOT of patience :D I can't say I am very good at following any of the other strategy tips in the basic articles. If I feel like I'm approching tilt I take a deep breath and focus on just playing "by the rules" for a few hands. That usually gets me through until I am calmed down.

So, if I had to hand out tips of my own, my golden rule is BE PATIENT! Easier said than done, but those golden hands will come your way. Promise.