Stevegold87's SnGs low limit fest, patience is a virtue

    • stevegold87
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      Introduction :

      Who Am I?

      Hello everyone, my name is Simon aka Stevegold, I am from Canada and english is not my first language so I alrleady apologize for the spelling mistakes or if anything I say doesn't make sense. I am currently a student in college and my semester just ended. I have 2 weeks "free" and I hope I can play as many S&G as possible. I love poker and I have been playing for about 5 years real life and online. The first website I went was called and I was a total donkey back then.

      I also played on pokerstars, partypoker everest and finally pacific.

      It will be the first time I really play on full tilt for money.

      Tilt after too many bad beats
      Low bankroll
      Getting in trouble with donkey and calling station (anyone with high VPIP)
      Gambling moods...
      Let poker take too much of my time!

      Able to multitable
      Always want to improve
      Decent past archievements
      Always up to people suggestions and help

      What is your goal?

      • Improve my S&G game
      • Showing a profit in 2 weeks only(even two cent profit is ok for me)
      • Read at least 2 articles each day
      • Listen to a coaching video each day
      • Control of my emotions
      • Have at least one reader :)

      Long term goal
      • Show Profit at least 4x my BR in 3 months
      • Go up the limit (goes with number 1)
      • Not cash out!
      • Obviously : Not going broke in long term because of a tilt or anything stupid like that.

      What do I realize?
      First, let me tell you that I know that 2 week is very little and I don't know how many S&G per day I will be able to play. Really it is my first time trying this and it is an experience I want to share with the world. Hopefully I will not go BUSTO on the first day of my tryout.

      Also, I do not plan on stopping after the two week unless I have made like 200$ profit in two weeks. (Which mean I will be super hot and obviously have a huge losing streak after :) )

      I will keep that blog up and update people with what is happening in my poker life. (of course study will prevent me from mass gaming, but I might get a few days where I can :s_biggrin:

      I also realize that any lose I will have are nothing compared to what people lose in a day here, I am mostly making this blog for my fun and yours.

      What i'd like from pokerstrategy community
      I would love support and of course I might use this blog as a place to vent from huge bad beats, expect some capitals letters use if I am on a very bad day for 3 days.

      I am also very open in hearing your suggestions of any sorts and if you have any questions about my game or anything else don't hesitate :f_grin:

      What might slow me down
      Christmas and new year are obviously days where I won't be able to play.
      I will not decline any social event for poker, so anything can come up last minute

      What will be in this blog

      My rents, my daily bankroll, some graphs when it is worth it.

      Also I am using poker tracker 3 for hands and graphs

      My starting limit : 1$ + 0.20 Turbo FR

      Starting date is 22/12/09

      I will also participate in the daily dollar each day that I can since I love MTTs :)

      Thank you for reading and the support :f_cool:
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    • vonki
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      gl! will be interesting to follow. :) Consider the "at least 1 reader" goal achieved! ;)
    • marquisGrissom
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      Good luck m8!

      Just one thing I want to warn you about : I'm not sure its even possible to turn in a profit in long term when the rake you pay is 20% of the buy-in...especially in turbos where luck is more important than in regular speed games.

      Might still be a good place to start but since you're playing for 5 years and you want to watch video, you can easily beat higher limits where the rake is 10%. (Probably they don't offer 2+20c, but maybe 3,30 or 5,50) Go there as soon as you feel confident enough.

      Friends of mine have experienced what you're talking about doing, but when a very very good run turns out to 9,48$ in profit, its very hard to stay motivated on your A-game.

      Good luck anyway et que l'Astuce soit avec toi!!!
    • stevegold87
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      UPDATE #1

      Tryout session on full tilt.

      After a few SNG's this is what my first graph on this thread looks like

      Of course I had many Standard bad beat and the only time I got aces somebody hits a set of 2's...but it is ok, I will eventually become immune to that.

      Things I realised today :

      • Playing 1$ turbo S&G gets like BINGO very fast
      • Lots of player with very high VPIP
      • Need to learn more about the ICM program
      • Donkeys get lucky
      • I will be able to play a LOT of SnG in 8 hours
      • 4 tables is perfect to focus on each game,

      I have to go celebrate with friends the end of the semester, but tomorrow I will try a 8h days

      if my calculus is right I should be able to play around 150 SnG.

      Vonki, you win cool points for being my first reader! :P

      And marquis, I totally agree with what you say. I am also considering not playing turbos because of the no skills part that turbos brings in the end.....and too fast.

      BR : 46.10$
    • gadget51
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      Also realise that you must concentrate on winning not on whether you are on target or not. GL. :)
    • DannyG13
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      Good luck mate, i'll be checking in on this blog every so often as it relates to what i'm doing.

      I've been playing the $1 SnG's for over a week now, seeing if I can build a BR and move up the limits from just $5 just playing 9 man turbo SnG's. After playing only around 120 SnG's (been a bit busy lately), the bankroll's steadily rising, so i'm thinking it's easy to do if you stick to your game. Here's my graph so far if you're interested:

      Whether this is just an upswing or not I don't know, but hoping you see the same results soon :)

      Best of luck!
    • Waiboy
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      Hey Simon

      Best of luck with the SnG monster!

      Please try not to set monetary oriented goals. You will find that varaince inevitably puts a spanner into the works. You will miss goals and targets despite playing optimally. Long losing and break even stretches are not uncommon, even for solid winning players. The "good" goals are your study goals. Hand volume goals are okay too, as long as you are prepared to ditch them if you start tilting/running bad. Don't get married to volume goals as they can be pretty destructive if you can't let them go.

      There are loads of good SnG blogs around, and they are worth reading to get some perspective on what you can expect from your challenge.

      I'm no SnG player, but can I recommend the blogs of NickParkes and 8979687 as two SnG players who think a lot about the game and have experienced all the swings there are to swing upon.
    • stevegold87
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      UPDATE #2
      Longer session on full tilt

      Sooo...the day wasn't as I planned since I feel very sick all day long it might have affected my game, I am not sure. I have a terrible headache that won'T go away.... Lots of bubbles today...:(

      As you guys see, it is not an awesome graphic but oh well.

      Things I learned today :
      • Playing while sick is a bad idea
      • Focusing 4 tables for a long time is hard
      • I must stop multitasking when playing poker
      • Be more patient when there's less than 5 players remaining.

      Good things :
      I have now decent amount of FT points in my account and first part of my bonus will be released pretty soon.
      I am not too much in the negative
      I am able to play a decent amount of SnG

      Bad things :
      Didn't watch any video today
      Read only 2 articles

      Still trying to figure out if I will stick with turbo or switch to regular time. Also I will review some of hands I played to see if I don't have a leak somewhere.

      Danny, that graphic is really amazing. Your ROI must be around 20% with a line like that? I mean specially from the the 93rd Sng to the 121st it goes straight up! Good luck with your quest too and it seems you are doing well!

      Waiboy, you are right. Monetary goals are frustrating when things are not working out too well. It seems like I am doing an even stretches right now we can just hope it will go better soon or I will start being discouraged. At least, iknow it could go wrong since my profit is not really down.

      I have also read 897's blogs as he is one of my inspiration and will check Nick's blog atm.

      Thanks everyone for reading, have a merry Christmas :s_biggrin:
      BR : 47.80$
    • yellobee82
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      Hey Steve,

      Sounds like you've come across a few bumps along the road to reaching your goals but it also seems as though you're capable of self analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and learning from them so I'm sure you'll ultimately make it out of the red and profit from all the sng's.

      Don't give up!! I'll keep reading your posts so post often. :)
    • 8979687
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      Nice blog!

      I always like seeing new SNG blogs! I will read this one.

      Let me warn you that you can expect to be dissapointed big time if your
      focusing on certain amounts of profit etc like Waiboy mentioned.

      I played 50 $2.25 SNGs in a day and made ~50 cents.
      But by focusing more on the studying and applying it to the games I am in I feel more rewarded
      than when I hit a bunch of profit.

      Let me recommend the videos by Tribun and Steinik I think its spelled...

      He has 2 videos of the $2s on Tilt, and he gets his ass kicked but he his playing very well
      the whole time. It seems everything goes wrong for him that can even right down to
      a predictable opponent suddenly being unpredictable when he makes a move relying
      on them to make their standard move. Like checking and waiting for a raise that doesnt come.

      Tribun has one of the $1 on Party and though the results are opposite, he takes alot of names
      and kicks alot of ass, his play is just as optimal as Steiniks.. Poor guy placed 1st once out
      of both those videos, but in his second video he has some SOLID advice regarding these things..

      Bah here I go again I always write over long posts in peoples blogs...

      Good luck... And its much longer than mine but Nicks blog is a gold mine for what to expect long term.
    • stevegold87
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      Thank you yellObee, I appreciate your support :) I suppose patience will be worth it one day!

      Hey 897, cool to see you post here :) . As you can see after 43 games I am myself in the negative. I will look at those videos right now to see what you mean. I have also read parts of Nick's blog and it is indeed very interesting.

      I will start playing in a few hours since I have stuff to do soon, but I will have time to read some articles and watch videos before leaving.

      See you tonight for my report on the day! :s_biggrin:
    • stevegold87
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      UPDATE #3

      The roller coaster session

      Let me show you a graph that will explain this title.

      Here's my analysis on the situation :

      When I was in the red section of the graph :
      1) It was the morning(EST TIME), is it possible that there's less fish during the morning?
      2) I was losing all the coin flip and was having real bad luck
      3) I was affected by many lost in a row...
      4) Too many 4th and 5th places again. (And too many 3rd place!!)
      5) I am wondering, if I could handle a long time downhill like that, hard on the "poker ego", makes you wonder about your game, all the 70% agaisnt 30% that you lose make you go on tilt, etc..

      Soooo I took a break and did something else. Also, I finally part of my initial bonus which boosted my bankroll +5$! I think I might be able to clear my bonus in less than 2 weeks...

      I watched more videos and I realize that I have a weakness when it comes to Push on BU or SB with a decent hand. I am sometime a little bit too tight against player that would usually fold to my raise.

      But also I learned to be more tight early position. I also do not call with suited connectors anymore exept for late late possible (very rarely), since in turbo, you can't really make a profit out of them. (Blinds are too fast)

      I think I might have found the way to make profit or I am just in a good run...we'll see that. I am pretty confident in my skills overall so I hope the zero line is part of the past!

      The green part of the graphic :

      1)It was the evening and players were much much looser than the morning
      2)I must admit I got lucky and might be on a "hot streak"
      3) I played tight and got good cards but always was stealing the blinds like taking candies to a baby, they were folding to 80% of my c-bet so it was pretty much a good evening without any good players or major trouble.

      Also, shoutout to DannyG13 who I ran into this afternoon, what are the chances :) .

      My upcoming goals :
      • Try to stay away from that %@!!% zero line
      • Stay +ROI
      • Make more 1st and 2nd than 3rd place
      • Review strategies for bubbles 4th and 5th place stack and pushes (if you guys have any tips?)

      Overall I am happy from my day, made it out of the pit with a slight profit and might be on the good way :s_grin: :s_grin: :s_grin:

      Merry Christmas again to all of you :) :f_cool:

      Bankroll : $61.40
    • 8979687
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      I haver some advice for you.

      First, you have divided that graph into three sections
      and considered things affecting your game within those
      three sections.

      You need like 1k games to truly see how your play looks and if its being affected by things.
      And I mean like 1k games during the day and then 1k games during the evening.

      A sample size that small tells you absolutely nothing at all.

      I am just telling you this so you do not start adjusting things you are doing according to that graph.

      You are playing the $1s still right?

      A $10 drop, which is ten buy ins, will happen to you over and over and over again soo many times that
      you should just not even consider it a loss, but part of the normal bounce.. You need to prepare yourself
      mentally for a 30 buy in drop, and then a 400 game break even stretch followed by a 20 buy in drop
      followed by the graph shooting back up to 0 and then break even for 300 more games.

      Thats just a random example of how it can get.

      So if I were you I would just not even think about my daily winnings, try not to even look at them.
      Try and play for 1 week solid before caring what the BR looks like, and then evaluate how swingy
      your week has been.

      I tell you this because in my first blog I obsessed over this every day I posted a graph and a chart and
      I watched the numbers as I played, and a $10 drop while playing the $1s would make me start to worry.

      You put yourself though the same thing over and over again but when you look at a huge sample,
      you see that those small things you were worrying about keep happening and while they do,
      overall, your graph goes up and up and up. It just goes through a bunch of slumps in between.

      And for the practice you are asking about, nothing beats the ICM trainer untill you are destroying it.
      You can set it to how many hands you want, you can have 1 all in or several all ins before you.
      You can set it to the bubble for example and master when you shuould be abusing by pushing
      any two cards or folding to get paid. Like 2 all ins ahead of you, and you have AQos on the bubble.

      Sorry about the long post, IT just happens every time I start typing.

      Good Luck.
    • stevegold87
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      Hey 897, thanks for your reply.

      Well, you are right, I know my sample of hand is very small, just thought the graph was funny. Of course I will wait ~ 1k SnG to get a real good idea of what my level is.

      It seems like I am walking into the same path as you when you started your first blog, it is just very fun to look at the graphs each day and compare to see your progress, I realise that some people do run 200 break even in SnGs but dont know if I will be able to handle it

      As for the ICM trainer....I REALLY WANT TO USE IT BUT MY COMPUTER HAS A MALWARE that prevents me from opening any program I download from pokerstrategy, such as the equilator, the ICM trainer, and any programs of that kind. :( I am a bit sad about that. ?( :s_frown:

      Anyways, a new day is starting, time to watch some video
    • 8979687
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      I am going to guess you are from Quebec.

      If by malware you mean virus... clean it out asap... you could be giving out all your passwords
      and personal information every time you log into something. If you mean that you have a
      virus program that will not let you install them, then the answer is easy, just disable the program
      while you download and install the programs then enable them afterwards, and then you
      can go into the program and select the icm trainer to be considered safe by the anti virus

      I can help you out with either of these things, but whatever you do get the ICM trainer going.
      Start with the ICM trainer light because it starts out with just the basics, and it will open
      your eyes to some of the most common shoves that are just easy pushes...... Once you start
      to recognize those, you can start to work on the difficult ones in the regular ICM trainer.

      If all esle fails get the trial of SNG wizard.

      The problem is though I would not reccomend using the wizard untill you are getting high scores
      in ICM trainer. The SNG wizard is more of an advanced tool that if you do not adjust the ranges of
      your opponents properly you can do more harm than good to your game. It does have a quizz on
      it but I am not sure if it is as good for beginners as the ICM trainer.

      Good luck.
    • stevegold87
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      Update #3

      Improving, learning and being happy.

      So I wrote a lot of stuff that I pressed back on my browser, not too happy about that.

      Overall today was a good day, I was able to finally get rid of the viruses and trojans that were on my computer. They were slowing my browser and making me unable to open some programs on my computers like the poker equilator, the ICM trainer light, and the ICM trainer. Now we all this fixed, I will finally be able to train with that famous ICM program.

      Thanks 897 who insisted on the benefits of the program and that made me try to fix my computer even more. So glad I finally succeed! :)

      Btw yes I am from québec :)

      Goal archieved :
      • Read all the silver articles for SNG and MTT
      • Watched many videos of low limit SnG player

      New goal :
      • Master ICM trainer light
      • Master ICM trainer
      • Play less when tired
      • Review some hands where i was weak

      Now I will explain what happend in the last 2 days. Yesterday I went in the biggest upswing ever and I knew that It could only go wrong. And it did. I was winning all my coin flip and even sucking out on some people sometimes, which made me feel good.

      Today was the total opposite, I still managed to win some SnGs but only 2nd and 3rd place which made my bankroll go down and I lost about 7 in a row which was very bad. So much for my 20$ profit archieved. (I was at 70$ bankroll yesterday)

      Anyways, I will do like you guys say, just keep on playing and doing my best without worrying too much about the monetary goal. Right now the last 4 SnG I played I feel like they were a waste, I was too tired and I made some stupid move. 4$ of my bankroll pretty much wasted and that is not acceptable. I really need to never do that mistake again, if I ever reach 11$ SnG and do that, it will be 44$ gone like that. Ouch.

      I will not post the graph today and will wait for my next post to see more of a general move of the curve. I am at about 118 SnG which is a lot less than expected but of course I am a lot more busy than expected.

      Talking about that,I won't be able to grind the limit as much since I decided to go in vacation in the next few days, so that "challenge" doesn't really exist since I am just going to play few SnG per day (which might be better for the win rate anyways)

      I will keep updating this thread from time to time because it helps me in my self analysis and I already learned a lot from other members :)

      Funny thing, my kings have a bigger winning rate than my aces. lol.

      Thanks all, happy holidays.

      Br is sitting at 55$ after big downswing.
    • stevegold87
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      I am having the worst day ever.
      Like the biggest downswing and it is very hard to handle.
      I mean what the hell, so many bubbles today and lost like 9 SnG in a row or something. The worst part is that my calls are ALWAYS right and 90% of the time when we flip cards I am a huge favorite. :s_mad: :s_mad:

      Time to show some hands :

      Full Tilt Poker Game #17128265381: $1 + $0.20 Sit & Go (Turbo) (128188220), Table 1 - 200/400 - No Limit Hold'em - 13:45:13 ET - 2009/12/27
      Seat 3: stevegold87 (1,690)
      Seat 4: kostyatomnew (4,675)
      Seat 5: TaxisT48 (2,795)
      Seat 9: raxon2009 (4,340)
      TaxisT48 posts the small blind of 200
      raxon2009 posts the big blind of 400
      kostyatomnew: 157 ?>=OB8O
      The button is in seat #4
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to stevegold87 [Kh Ad]
      stevegold87 raises to 1,690, and is all in
      kostyatomnew raises to 4,675, and is all in
      TaxisT48 folds
      raxon2009 folds
      kostyatomnew shows [Qh Ac]
      stevegold87 shows [Kh Ad]
      Uncalled bet of 2,985 returned to kostyatomnew
      *** FLOP *** [4h Ah 3h]
      *** TURN *** [4h Ah 3h] [Qc]
      *** RIVER *** [4h Ah 3h Qc] [3c]
      kostyatomnew shows two pair, Aces and Queens
      stevegold87 shows two pair, Aces and Threes
      kostyatomnew wins the pot (3,980) with two pair, Aces and Queens
      stevegold87 stands up
      The blinds are now 250/500
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot 3,980 | Rake 0
      Board: [4h Ah 3h Qc 3c]
      Seat 3: stevegold87 showed [Kh Ad] and lost with two pair, Aces and Threes
      Seat 4: kostyatomnew (button) showed [Qh Ac] and won (3,980) with two pair, Aces and Queens
      Seat 5: TaxisT48 (small blind) folded before the Flop
      Seat 9: raxon2009 (big blind) folded before the Flop

      Bang, bubble. (Also those 2 guys were speaking russian together, very annoying.)

      Full Tilt Poker Game #17128352408: $1 + $0.20 Sit & Go (Turbo) (128192766), Table 1 - 50/100 - No Limit Hold'em - 13:48:51 ET - 2009/12/27
      Seat 1: Pip04ka (1,200)
      Seat 3: The Blacklegend (1,515)
      Seat 4: stevegold87 (1,050)
      Seat 7: RoniKrust (3,320)
      Seat 9: scorpionzs (6,415)
      stevegold87 posts the small blind of 50
      RoniKrust posts the big blind of 100
      The button is in seat #3
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to stevegold87 [Kc Ks]
      scorpionzs folds
      Pip04ka folds
      The Blacklegend folds
      stevegold87 raises to 300
      RoniKrust calls 200
      *** FLOP *** [Kd 3h Td]
      stevegold87 bets 400
      RoniKrust raises to 3,020, and is all in
      stevegold87 calls 350, and is all in
      RoniKrust shows [Ts Ah]
      stevegold87 shows [Kc Ks]
      Uncalled bet of 2,270 returned to RoniKrust
      *** TURN *** [Kd 3h Td] [Qs]
      *** RIVER *** [Kd 3h Td Qs] [Jd]
      RoniKrust shows a straight, Ace high
      stevegold87 shows three of a kind, Kings
      RoniKrust wins the pot (2,100) with a straight, Ace high
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot 2,100 | Rake 0
      Board: [Kd 3h Td Qs Jd]
      Seat 1: Pip04ka didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 3: The Blacklegend (button) didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 4: stevegold87 (small blind) showed [Kc Ks] and lost with three of a kind, Kings
      Seat 7: RoniKrust (big blind) showed [Ts Ah] and won (2,100) with a straight, Ace high
      Seat 9: scorpionzs didn't bet (folded)

      Bang, 5th place.

      And it is just like that, over and over again today.
      I just wanna stab myself in the eye.


      I am now a lot under the 0 line :]

      BR still at 55$
      Very very bad day.

      I just counted my results for today SnG :

      Played : 14

      1st : 1
      2nd : 0
      3rd : 2
      4th : 4 times
      5th : 3 times

      And 4 times other positions
      SO that's 7 times I could of been in the money but lost with bad beats lol
    • lennonac
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      I hate to upset you further but 9 buyin downswings are a drop in the ocean and a very regular thing
    • 8979687
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      [x] Downswing
    • stevegold87
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      Sorry, I meant, it was 9 BI in a row, but I lost a lot lot more in long term! hah! And that graphic makes me feel much more better, thanks about that. lol

      I am glad it is in my thread now I will stop complaining about my lost until I lose 300$ :D