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      Originally posted by EquityMe
      Not my own collection but thats what i found in XXX [Edited by EagleStar88].

      > goto XXX
      > search for XXX
      > 101 ebooks
      Wow, amazing ... Thanks a lot :f_p:
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      Hi EquityMe,

      Whilst we appreciate the context in which you post i.e. trying to help your fellow members, we cannot allow or encourage the breaking or illegal downloads of copyrighted material, so I will have to edit and close this thread.

      I trust you will understand.

      Rule 5: No illegal or immoral content

      This includes, among others, pornographic material or right wing extremist ideas, racism, and also any statements made with the serious intent of inciting illegal or immoral behaviour or actions.

      It is also forbidden to advertise pyramid schemes or to offer or request cracked software and pirate copies.
      If there is any book that you find really useful however, you could always suggest other members purchase it to further their poker knowledge.

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