from $60 to $2000

    • ixuz1
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      Hello, I just feel like letting you know my success.

      First off all, don't try this yourself... I wanted to try playing roulette for the first time. I've heard of something called "Martingale's System". So I sat down at a online roulette table with $60.

      I was running hot for very long, taking some risks och such. I almost lost everything a few times. So I started with $60 and now I have $2000!!

      I had so so so much luck! And it won't happen again. DON'T TRY THIS YOURSELF!

      Now that I have $2000 I can play BBS on NL $0.25/$0.50. :D

      I won't ever play roulette again. :)
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    • yaxkukmian
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      I usually congratulate people for their achievements but roulette is sth I really dislike. I really hope you won't play it anymore...

      And if you're starting your playing poker at NL50 that's gambling too because NL50 players are far better than any rookie (in average).
    • ixuz1
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      Oh, I'll play lower limits then :) and as I said I won't play roulette again, that was quite amazing how lucky I actually was but I'm sure it will come back at me if I try again.

      Longterm winning is not equal to roulette lol :D

      Thanks for your reply. :f_love:
    • Grailer
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      i did that with roulette and lost my entire poker bankroll a few years ago

      got too many reds in a row and couldnt get my money back :)