[NL2-NL10] Down swing or bad playing? NL25

    • Gungunhana
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      For about 1 and ½ months I plunged into what I hope it is just a hell of a downswing, that has cost me so far 11 buyins.
      I´m starting to wonder if it isnt plain bad playing.

      Could you have a look at the hands below for me?

      Sorry about the display but I´m waiting for Texas Hand Grabem to work with Titan :D
      Some hands are Titan and others Everest

      My stats after 15.5k hands : vp$ip = 19% pfr =3% af =1.68 wsd = 6%

      Hand nº 1 NL20 Titan Poker

      - <players>
      <player seat="1" name="Gungunhana" chips="$19.60"
      <player seat="2" name="ssajtos" chips="$25.96"
      <player seat="5" name="2dangerous2" chips="$16.91"
      <player seat="6" name="jrh11" chips="$17.53
      player seat="7" name="Weiselzelle" chips="$6.99
      <player seat="8" name="Freddice" chips="$25.38"
      <player seat="9" name="Ratty001" chips="$22.34"
      <player seat="10" name="Mephis299" chips="$24.72" dealer
      - <round no="0">

      <action no="1" player="Gungunhana" bet 0.10
      <action no="2" player="ssajtos" bet 0.20

      - <round no="1">
      player="Gungunhana">H5 D6

      <action no="3" player="2dangerous2" bet $0.20

      <action no="4" player="jrh11 bet $0.20
      <action no="5" player="Weiselzelle" bet $0.20"
      <action no="6" player="Freddice fold
      <action no="7" player="Ratty001 fold
      <action no="8" player="Mephis299" fold
      <action no="9" player="Gungunhana" call $0.10
      - <round no="2">
      <cards type="Flop" player="">S4 D2 H3</cards>
      <action no="11" player="Gungunhana" check
      <action no="12" player="ssajtos" check
      <action no="13" player="2dangerous2" bet="$1"
      <action no="14" player="jrh11" fold
      <action no="15" player="Weiselzelle" fold
      <action no="16" player="Gungunhana" bet=$4
      <action no="18" player="2dangerous2" raise allin$15.71
      <action no="19" player="Gungunhana" call $12.71" />
      - <round no="3">
      <cards type="Turn" player="">C3</cards>
      - <round no="4">
      <cards type="River" player="">D3</cards>

      Hand nº2 NL20 Titan Poker

      - <players>
      player="Gungunhana">DJ DA
      <player seat="1" name="requin23" chips="$2.18"
      <player seat="2" name="npeppinal" chips="$10.20"
      <player seat="4" name="Dops27" chips="$11.40"
      player seat="5" name="KleinerGrisu" chips="$11.76"
      <player seat="6" name="SRluk" chips="$16.41"
      <player seat="7" name="KavKhan" chips="$36.27"
      <player seat="8" name="leftyy44" chips="$9.94"
      <player seat="9" name="Gungunhana" chips="$21.07" dealer
      <player seat="10" name="Scrounger1984" chips="$21.14"
      - <round no="0">

      <action no="1" player="Scrounger1984" bet $0.10" />
      <action no="2" player="requin23" bet $0.20" />

      - <round no="1">

      <action no="3" player="npeppinal" fold

      <action no="4" player="Dops27" fold
      <action no="5" player="KleinerGrisu" fold
      <action no="6" player="SRluk" fold
      < <action no="7" player="KavKhan" bet="$0.20" />
      <action no="8" player="leftyy44" bet="$0.20" />
      <action no="9" player="Gungunhana" type="3" sum="$0.20" />
      <action no="10" player="Scrounger1984" bet="$0.10" />
      <action no="11" player="requin23 fold

      - <round no="2">
      <cards type="Flop" player="">D10 S5 D7</cards>
      <action no="14" player="KavKhan" check
      <action no="15" player="leftyy44" check
      <action no="16" player="Gungunhana" check
      <action no="12" player="Scrounger1984" check
      - <round no="3">
      <cards type="Turn" player="">S6</cards>
      <action no="18" player="requin23" check
      <action no="19" player="KavKhan" check
      <action no="20" player="leftyy44" check
      <action no="21" player="Gungunhana" bet "$1" />
      <action no="17" player="Scrounger1984" call "$1" />
      - <round no="4">
      <cards type="River" player="">D6</cards>
      <action no="23" player="Gungunhana" bet"$1.60" />
      <action no="22" player="Scrounger1984" bet="$1.60" />

      Hand nº 3 NL25 Everest Poker
      CO $ 7,80
      MP1 $ 25.40
      Hero MP3 $21,45

      Hero( 2c,2d)
      Pre flop

      MP1 bet 0.25, hero calls, CO calls SB fold, BB checks

      Pot ( $1,15) 2h,5s,9d

      BB check MP1 check , hero bet 1.15,CO raise 1.80, BB fold, MP1 reraise 5.90
      Hero calls CO call

      Turn ( 8h)
      Pot (18.85)

      MP1 allin 17.95, hero fold, CO 2 allin 1,65

      Hand nº 4 NL25 Everest Poker

      UTG+2 ($2.38)
      MP1 ($ 7.40)
      MP2 ($ 25)
      CO ($ 22.15)
      Hero SB ( 22.90)
      BB ($ 24.75)

      Hero (6h,7c)
      Pre flop
      UTG+2 bet 0.25, MP1 calls, MP2 calls, CO calls, Hero bet 0.10, BB checks
      Flop ( 5c, 8h, 2c)
      Pot ( 1.25)
      Hero bet 0.80 BB fold UTG+2 fold MP1 fold, MP2 call, CO fold

      Turn Jh
      Pot ( $ 2.85)
      Hero bet 1.00, MP2 call

      River 4h
      Pot ($ 4,85)
      Hero check, MP2 bet 5.00, hero call
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    • Nunki
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      I hope this helps. My eyes hurt.
    • howard182
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      Reading the action's a bit difficult, but folding your bottom set in hand 3 certainly comes under "bad play", not "downswing" and losing (presumably) with the nuts in hand 1 is the opposite. If you lost to a full house or four of a kind on hand 2 you can be thankful that your opponent was either too stupid to raise, perhaps wanting to show it (the turn bet is questionable but basically okay). If you post in a more legible format, you'll get better responses.
    • Gungunhana
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      Thks Numki, Ive downloaded the program
      Thks Howard and sorry again for the display.

      One question:
      On hand 3 where you say that folding bottom set was wrong, the board did not present any danger of draws so the reading I made was that at least one of the raisers would be on pocket pair, particularly when the guy went allin on the turn with a J.
      You mean that with a set I should always go all the way in a board like this one?

      ( By the way I would have won ! one of them had QQ and the other 5,9
    • Nunki
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      Hand 3:

      I'd just move all my chips into the middle after my flop bet is raised.

      You mean that with a set I should always go all the way in a board like this one?

      Folding sets without a 4-flush/4-str8 (and sometimes even then) is wrong in principle at the lower limits where we play since so many players willingly bet 100BB with TP/OP type hands.
    • Gungunhana
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      Ok. You´re right. tks