• ixuz1
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      Hi there, I'm not really sure where to start. I know it's really good to take notes on other players for future decisions against the same player.

      So I would like to know:
      a) What do you note?
      b) Why do you note that?
      c) What's the most important note/notes to you?
      d) How format your note on a player?

      If I missed something very important regarding notes on players, please tell me!

      Thanks in advance
      // Anton H :f_love:
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Anton,

      Anything that you think would be useful in future really.

      For example:

      > what hand ranges do they play (both overall and in certain positions etc)?
      > what do they raise with UTG?
      > do they limp monsters?
      > will they fold there BB to a raise/how often.

      Only a few examples, there are so many more.

      Just remember that when you need to review a players notes, you will only have a few seconds on the timer clock, so make them clear, precise and in code wherever possible.

      Best regards,

    • ixuz1
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      I have a question.

      How do you write down another players range? I have this program called PokerTracker3 which allows me to see some useful stats on my opponents.

      How do you take advantage off the VP$IP stat? Is it from this stat you put other players on a certain range of hands?

      Also I would be really glad if you could post a little example of how your notes look like.

      Thank you very much! :f_biggrin:
    • Swire
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      Well the higher the vp stat is the looser range your opponent plays preflop. E.g. the opponent has 65 vp it means that this guy is a fish and has a enormous range of hands that he plays.

      About the notes maybe just start putting down vague notes such as:
      PF CS, P-F A = Preflop the opponent is a calling station and calls with a large amount of hands and Postflop (On the flop, turn and river) the opponent is very agressive.

      Hope this helps a little

      Swire :)
    • Berzerger
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      I pretty much shorten everything to save space. For example, a full stacked guy limps kings in middle position and 3bets. Ace on the flop, he c-bets 2/3 potsize and would fold to a raise, but when he gets called he checks turn and river, and calls up to half pot size bets on either/both streets. The note on him would look like this:
      FS MP KK l/3b; Axx cb2/3ps/f; ch/c1/2psb2st;

      It's not always necessary to note the entire hand, only the important elements. If I see some fancy and/or recurring play, like squeezing any two or min-betting with a draw, I note it.

      There's an article on notes in the strategy section, I derived most of my abbreviations from there.
    • advola
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      if you play sng and mtts
      if is most important to write the blind level and stack sizes and position


      15/30 only call with QQ on the butten to a 3bb raise
      check behind all streets the a Kxx board...

      300/600 3bet 33 to all-in in middle position with 24bb(big blinds)

      that make your notes aloat more valuble in the future...