TAF Suggestion

    • zayd88
      Joined: 09.06.2008 Posts: 59
      I have a suggestion for the TAF system. You should let people add new money to pending payouts. Like if there is one player who crossed the strategy point mark (10 or 15 I think it is) while you already have a payout pending you should be able to add the money you get from that player to the pending payout. The way it is now you have to wait until you have $50 again to make another payout which is really inconvenient especially if you're already waiting for a payout anyways.

      Just a suggestion! :)
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    • Xantos
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      This is a good idea & it would certainly create some convenience.

      After the implementation of Moneybookers & some other more urgent changes in the queue, we can put that on our (sadly long) list of To Do's :)