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SSS Pre-flop All-in chart

    • kesgab
      Joined: 24.05.2007 Posts: 217

      I've found diffrent values in the strategy guide for gong all-in pre-flop after somebody re-raise on us.

      In the rookie section, in the 'Short Stack Strategy - Preflop Game' article i see this:

      "Reacting to a raise behind you

      1. If your stack is still more than four times your original raise, then go all-in with AA - JJ, AKs and AKo.

      2. If your stack is at least three times as large as the original raise but no more than 4 times, then go all-in with AA - TT, AK and AQ

      3. If your stack is at most 3 times as large as your original raise, then go all-in unconditionally.

      Stacksize : Raisesize All-In with...
      4:1 oder higher AA - JJ, AK
      4:1 bis 2.5:1 AA - TT, AK, AQ
      2.5:1 oder lower AA - 77, AK - AJ, KQ
      So in the text there is 3 for the middle category but in the overview there's 2.5 .

      In the no-limit silver guide in the 'How to play against other Short Stack Strategy player?' article:

      "The standard all-in conditions after a reraise are as follows:

      Stack-Size : Size of the Raise

      All-In with...

      5:1 or higher

      4.9:1 to 1.9:1

      2:1 or lower
      These are again new numbers.

      If somebody knows the correct numbers please post it.

      Thank you!
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