Beating the micro's.. (at least for a while...)

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      Hi to all,

      First of all, i want to say that for many of you the thing I want to show is probably nothing, but to me it's not :) I know, the sample-size is very small, but at least I can be glad about something. So called heater, right? =)

      At first I played NL10, just to take a warm-up. After that, I decided I am in shape to climb a little bit more. So I started playing NL25. It went pretty smoothly ;) After 5k hands I just wanted to take a couple of shots at NL50 and it also went OK, but the fact is that I dont have a big enough BR for this level, so I'm back to NL25 and hopefully I will be able to be back at nl50, better sooner than later.

      In conclusion, 20.89 bb/100 in 11k hands is a good result for me, something I can feel good about :f_biggrin:

      Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

      P.S I play 6max.
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