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    • Jeero
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      I have taken a short hiatus from poker for the last couple of days to think about the game a little more. When I return to the PLO tables I want to go at it again at full force. But in order to be successful, I need to have a specific strategy.

      I am still playing PLO10, but I am long overdue for moving up to PLO25. I would like to beat PLO10 once and for all and move on. Here is an outline of my strategy:

      1.) I will forcus on 6max games, but only play at tables where there are at least 4 opponents.

      2.) I will minraise from all positions except BU and CO, if I play the hand. I learned this from a Tribun Caesar video where he said that if you minraise, often people won't re-raise you unless they have a really strong hand. If you limp, people will raise you a lot with a lot of holdings. Since you just want to be in the pot, minraising is the cheapest option. I think this is a reasonable thought process, so I have been following it.

      3.) I will play tight overall, but from CO and BU I will raise most hands that I will play. I will isolate with marginal holdings if it seems like I can get HU in position against a weak player.

      4.) I will play quite straightforward. I don't know how much value there is in using more advanced concepts such as reverse-floating or bluff re-raising with a bare ace because the villains have to fold a better hand. I think I have lost a lot of money trying moves like this. Some villains fold, I have seen this, but a great many call too much.

      5.) I will give credit for the nuts in many situations. This is perhaps the most tricky aspect. I have seen people stack off with EVERYTHING! It obviously sucks when you find out that two people went all-in and you had them beat all along with middle set. However, I have also felt stupid when I went all-in with middle set and faced top set.

      6.) I will assume people don't bluff that often unless I see it. I think people do bluff a lot. However, it's difficult to know how they bluff unless you see it. I think it's foolish to think someone is bluffing unless they give you a good reason to believe they might be bluffing.

      Please give me some feedback on my strategy and perhaps add some things that I have not considered. Everything here seems pretty straightforward but I think if I plan it out "on paper" it helps to remain focused when playing and avoid tilting.
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    • NietzscheF
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      I like the way you are adjusting at this low plo limits, the mini raise is something I will adapt from now on!

      The thought of being less agressive preflop from EP is sure saving you $$ cause at this limits people call with anything and to go broke with AAxx is happend to me, 2 many times on pretty dry boards.

      Im hoping to beat plo5 in a good sample size, and move on from there. I really cant stand not to be a succesfull player at plo5, plo10 and plo25, since I made good $$ on plo200 and in Heads up sessions.

      Good luck, hoping you doing well!