DoN on ft

    • orenha
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      hi i know that there isnt any DoN sng on ft this days.. my q is if there some way to ask that there will b such sng. and if they will open them will u play them? .

      i c that on PS there r tables running all the time.
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    • excelgeo
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      i dont really know what don is.

      i would maybe give it a go for the experience but im more of a cash gamer
    • sk345di
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      DoN=double or nothing sng's

      Best option would be to send an email to Ftp support asking them about this, they should know best.
      As for playing them i am sure there will be a ton of traffic for them because i think they are more played then the regular sng's on stars. And because of the putting the stop to short stacking on ftp all those short stack players would transfer to grinding rakeback in don's. My best guess why don's aren't already added to ftp is they don't want to have a big hassle fighting against colluders.
    • nafar84
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      FTP's usual response in 2+2 is that they don't currently have any plans to introduce them.
    • orenha
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      well its to bad....

      ill play them on PS.... and 27 plr on FT