Should i fold more often my pair?

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    • yaxkukmian
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      It depends how many opponents are you playing against. Also if you have position and initiative it's easier to play so wait for good situations. Don't overplay top pairs or even overpairs because players on lower limits tend to call flop and turn on flush/straight draws not considering pot odds (if you're playing 3-4 players).

      Make notes on players who usually chase straight/flush draws. Against those players you should bet bigger since they're going to call you easier.

      Don't be afraid to play pairs because your statistic says you're losing on it. 3000 hands isn't big sample so that can't tell you about your game so don't think too much of it.

      To sum it up - play normally but be aware of draws and don't overplay it. Analyze your hands and post it on forum. Keep improving. After 50k hands many things will be clearer.

      Take care.
    • VheroM
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      You should probably do so if you seem to be losing all the time with one pair. Folding more is often a good way of improving the game.
    • lennonac
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      I am not a cash game expert but I think its pretty standard to have a low or negative one pair profit.
      Any experts care to comment
    • marvinas
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      From your stats it looks like you overplay your pairs way too often. A pair of kings more than often will become a disaster with 2 callers and an ace on the flop. To answer your question - yes and no. I think you should call more pairs pf for set value (usually I use call20 rule to decide), and then reevaluate on the flop / turn / river carefully. You go to showdown way too often, and I guess with lost of overcards present, hence your very low winning ratio. Ask yourself a question - what is a villain calling / raising with? Look at the flop, if there are 3 of the same suit present, even your overpair might be no good. Most of the players need a reason to put some money on the table, so make sure your reason is stringer than theirs.

      Good luck!
    • Huseens
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      Nope, not really, it's showing all hand you had, it shows that i have lost money with straight flush. :D
    • harleytopper
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      Originally posted by Dephy

      i play bss on nl2
      1) Too small samplesize.
      2) Your one pair and high card combinations will be loosing money whatever you do in long run.
      3) One pairs in this chart are: tp, mp, up etc not only top pairs top/good kickers.
      4) Better post individual hands in forum.