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    • Nikolce1979
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      Starting game 5372748539.

      rachelfred is at seat 0 with $3.29.
      Endire is at seat 1 with $4.55.
      guest144 is at seat 2 with $1.70.
      aatila is at seat 3 with $4.64.
      AGld is at seat 4 with $4.90.
      ROMYOL is at seat 5 with $4.66.
      ZipZek is at seat 6 with $1.96.
      genchss is at seat 8 with $4.24.
      Nikolce_1979 is at seat 9 with $1.50.

      The dealer is seat 1.

      guest144 posts a blind of $.05.
      aatila posts a blind of $.10.

      (Nikolce_1979 is dealt Qc Ac.)

      AGld calls for $.10.
      ROMYOL folds.
      ZipZek folds.
      genchss calls for $.10.
      Nikolce_1979 goes all-in for $1.50.
      rachelfred folds.
      Endire folds.
      guest144 folds.
      aatila folds.
      AGld raises $3.25.
      genchss folds.
      $3.25 is pushed back to AGld.


      AGld shows: 9d Kd

      Nikolce_1979 shows: Qc Ac

      The flop comes
      7d 2h 3h.
      The turn comes 9s.
      The river comes 4s.

      AGld shows: 9d Kd
      9s 9d Kd 7d 4s
      A pair of Nines

      Nikolce_1979 shows: Qc Ac
      Ac Qc 9s 7d 4s
      Ace high

      AGld wins pot ($3.05).
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