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Yet again another problem

    • fcumred
      Joined: 16.03.2008 Posts: 55
      The last time I built up an amount of money, I requested a cashout to Mansion but was told you could only have a max of 2 cashouts to Mansion, so I would have to choose another option.

      I then elected to have it paid to my Party Poker account.

      They asked me my username on Party Poker ( like you dont already know it, I've given you the details in my list of pokersite names ).

      Lo and behold they come back and tell me it cant be paid because they cant trace the account name I've given. I then spot I'd mis typed it when telling them in the ticket reply, so I give them the correct details. Yet again, they come back saying SORRY CANNOT DO.

      After much messing about with Party Poker, they finally pay it to the account which they should already know about because I've given them my Party Poker name in my list of sites.

      Now I build up another $55 and knowing it can only be paid to my Party Poker account, I elect to have it paid there.

      They come back, telling me they cant pay it. Theres no such account.

      THREE TIMES I tell them my username on Party Poker. Three times they come back telling me they cant pay it. The third time they tell me I have to go direct to Party Poker and see why they wont accept it. According to your support, the account name I gave is only a play money account. HOW CAN IT BE A BLOODY PLAY MONEY ACCOUNT.. YOU'VE ALREADY PAID ME ONCE....

      So off I go to Party Poker. I email them, and sure enough they confirm what I already knew. That the account name I gave was a real money account and that it was 100% OK to receive payments from PS to that account.

      So back I go to support, sending them a copy of the email. What do I get ? I get a dead snotty reply from Jeff telling me its all my own fault, because each time I gave them a username I couldnt decide if the name was in capital letters or not...

      So three times I give them a username. Three times they tried to pay it. Once with capital letters, once without.. HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO COCK UP A THIRD TIME ??????

      Then I get another ticket from the wondrously friendly and helpful Jeff... telling me OH SORRY, IGNORE MY STUPIDITY, I'VE JUST FOUND OUT THAT WE WERE TRYING TO PAY IT TO THE WRONG ACCOUNT NAME.... I SHALL INVESTIGATE.


      What do you need to investigate ?

      You have my account name on your records, I've told you it THREE TIMES replying to your tickets, you've paid money to me in the past to that account name... What more do I need to do ? come and type it in myself for you ?

      Whats even more amazing, is the $55 that I had accrued is now no longer there... Its erm... well erm.... can someone tell me actually..

      According to the wondrously friendly and helpful Jeff, it was paid to me on the 17th December. ( bear in mind no it wasnt because they never paid it ).

      So if the $55 is no longer showing on my PS account, and its not in my Party Poker account, perhaps someone could tell me where exactly it is ? If it doesnt get paid, then wouldnt the common sense approach be, to put it back into my PS account rather than just leaving me with a nice ZERO figure, no money in the account its supposed to have gone to, and a bunch of snotty tickets telling me absolutely nothing other than they havent a clue where they are supposed to pay me.

      If the payment doesnt go through for one reason or another, then what ? do PS just decide Oh well. its christmas, we'll keep it.

      No offence here, but its getting beyond a joke, You earn the money for PS, you get them business. the least you expect is a professional service in return. And support staff that actually have some level of customer service skills instead of the ritual SHUT UP AND JUST BE PATIENT.

      I run a poker site, and it costs me to service it. I cant the people who I have to pay OH SHUT UP AND JUST BE PATIENT. If they are due their money, then they get it. If I cant pay for one reason or another, at least I have the manners to respond politely and not leave them feeling like they are being a nuisance asking for what they should be getting anyway.

      I started using this site, and originally it was superb. Payments were prompt, no hassles. Now its just a joke. You request a cashout and you know that its going to be ages before you get it, and if you are extremely lucky, you may just get it without a snotty message saying SORRY, BUT WE CANT PAY YOU BECAUSE WE HAVENT GOT THE SENSE TO CHECK WHERE WE PAID YOU LAST TIME OR CHECK THE CORRECT ACCOUNT NAME WHICH YOU GAVE US WHEN YOU FIRST SIGNED UP TO US...

      If you are too busy you cant get the basics right, perhaps you shouldnt be looking to take on more business, and look after the people you already have got first before trying to add more people to your list.
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    • csnmf
      Joined: 22.11.2006 Posts: 444
      Customer support is terrible the world over and PS is no different. I would say it's their weakest area by far. The forum mods do half their work for them and they do a much better job and i don't even think they get paid for it. Now that I am a Diamond at least i get responses super quick though, it's a bit like talking in real time.
    • Xantos
      Joined: 07.09.2005 Posts: 10,023
      We'll make sure you get a satisfiying answer here.

      @csnmf: we also want to be a role model in terms of customer service - which is why we hired ~40 people since October for CS roles - downside is of course that they are now comparably new & unexperienced regarding important issues with our community. Giving us continuous feedback on what's good and what's bad will help our CS team improve.
    • fcumred
      Joined: 16.03.2008 Posts: 55
      Faith has now been fully restored.

      The money was paid in this morning very promptly, and I received a very nice letter explaining where things had gone wrong..