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      I have a query for those of you who regularly play MTTs, (by this I mean sheduled MTTs not multitable S&G's).

      What sort of ROI is considered good and over what sort of sample size? :f_frown:

      My reason for asking is that I purchased PT3 a couple of months ago and I now have an accurate record of my progress in this regard. My stats are :

      NOV - played 29, ROI 200.32, ITM 31.03 :s_grin:
      DEC - played 70, ROI 205.16, ITM 28.57 :s_biggrin:

      Is this a good record for such a small sample size or should I be looking at improving it?

      Perhaps someone will tell me that it is all a fluke and I should expect a few losing months. Just looking for some advice from those who are more experienced.

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