• PWS
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      I just wanted to know if you would be offering a bonus for Doylesroom in the future? and if his network also is used by other sites where I can be tracked by pokerstategy?
      so I am suggesting you should talk to doylesroom about that, I did see some offering a 110% sing up bonus up to $550.
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    • Xantos
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      Hey PWS,

      DoylesRoom is on the Cake Network - and as we already got CakePoker there (the clear #1 skin), we will probably not offer other rooms there any time soon.

      As you can see on our site for CakePoker, we offer a 110% up to $600 there - even a little better:

      As Cake owns their network, it's pretty obvious that they will make sure a VIP has no reason to switch to other skins in the same network.

      Plus, we even offer a rake race on Cake Poker!

      Best regards,

      PS: you might need to be logged in to see the cake poker site linked above.
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      And there is also a pretty awesome 33% weekly rakeback if you sign through pokerstrategy :)