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SSS FR NL10 - UTG Min-Raise Called Around Table

    • Kknight
      Joined: 30.04.2007 Posts: 374
      PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: 2+2 Forums)

      Button ($10.05)
      SB ($10)
      Hero ($1.80)
      UTG ($3.30)
      UTG+1 ($4.95)
      MP1 ($18.40)
      MP2 ($12.45)
      MP3 ($13.60)
      CO ($9.70)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with A:diamond: , Q:club: .
      [color:#CC3333]UTG raises to $0.2[/color], UTG+1 calls $0.20, [color:#666666]1 fold[/color], MP2 calls $0.20, MP3 calls $0.20, [color:#666666]3 folds[/color], Hero calls $0.10.

      Flop: ($1.05) 5:heart: , A:heart: , 4:heart: [color:#0000FF](5 players)[/color]
      Hero checks, [color:#CC3333]UTG bets $0.3[/color], UTG+1 folds, [color:#CC3333]MP2 raises to $0.6[/color], MP3 folds, Hero folds, UTG calls $0.30.

      Turn: ($2.25) 6:diamond: [color:#0000FF](2 players)[/color]
      UTG checks, [color:#CC3333]MP2 bets $1[/color], UTG calls $1.

      River: ($4.25) 2:spade: [color:#0000FF](2 players)[/color]
      UTG checks, [color:#CC3333]MP2 bets $1.5[/color], UTG folds.

      Final Pot: $4.25

      I figured I couldn't fold this hand pre-flop for only $0.10 into a $0.95 pot...but flopping top pair on a board with possible flush and straight obviously sucks. Was this played OK? Should I have folded pre-flop? Should I have bet the flop?

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    • swissmoumout
      Joined: 23.02.2007 Posts: 3,385
      I figured I couldn't fold this hand pre-flop for only $0.10 into a $0.95 pot...
      Correct ;) you can call with pretty much any 2 here I'd think (9.5:1 odds, it's just 1/18th of your stack, and you're last to act pre-flop, so no raises behind) I'm not sure if the chart says to consider min-raises as limps (meaning you should re-raise), but I'd rather just call here..
      But anyway a bet on the flop would've been a waste of money...5 players, and too many hands beat you (AK, A4-5, flush, 44,55 - all likely hands I think). If you bet you'd be pot commited even if a 4th heart hit. So I think check/fold is right (correct me if i'm wrong ^^)
    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      I agree! I think you played the hand well because of the reasons swissmoumout already mentioned.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Nunki
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 865
      You could also open-push here as by doing so you put all of your opponents under a ton of pressure. Sometimes you will win PF and the other times you are called you will usually be in good shape. Pushing also negates your positional advantage.

      IMO, the potential dead-money in the pot here is what the SSS is all about.
    • Kknight
      Joined: 30.04.2007 Posts: 374
      "You could also open-push here"

      That was my alternative consideration, but I decided to just call and hope to flop a monster.

      Thanks for the feedback everyone...good to know that I played it OK. I hate it when I get a raise hand and someone minraises before me.

    • owenocalla
      Joined: 05.07.2007 Posts: 2
      On the flop it is an wasy fold for sure. Far too many hands are beating him. And if they are not u can be sure that one or two of them ahve the redraw to the flush. However preflop im not certain that he played the hand aggresively enough. He is ahead of probally all the hands in the pot currently. SO i think that his main aim shoukd be to issolate the pot with a big preflop raise and then perhaps push the flop on a dry board. I think that the beauty of this play is that the majority of opponents calling range is so wide that AQ may be called by AJ or else A!0. If he is ulucky and is is facing apocket pair the maths still dictates that a big preflp riase is correct, obviousley once he is not agaisnt AA, KK QQ,. Becasue he can trap the dead money he is getting the correct pot odds agaisnt a pocket pair which is basically a coin flip anyway. Hope it helps!