Downswing or maybe not.. ?

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      Well i wanted to share this with other people.. lately my roi dropped significantly and i've been losing consistenly. Reason behind this is because i started multitabling. At first i thought i was just running bad, then i realised i was just playing worse!!

      i can actually just 1 table and play my A game. Reason is because my game has a less mathematical approach , more of a feeling approach with reads and tells.
      unfortunately i missed too many reads/tells by multitabling simply because there wasn't enough time to notice them all . so i found myself in spots where i was against a guy i had no idea how he plays.(except some indicative holdem manager stats) . i made wrong decisions and afterwards i looked at how the guy played previous hands and it was obvious what i should have done if i saw them before.

      point is for 26$ + limit tourneys with decent players i am missing too much value if i multitable .Also i find myself to lose more interest in the game .

      I'll have a break and i will be back .. This time 1 tabling.

      Cheers everyone

      p.s : this is for guarantee tourneys..
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