$25 Freeroll, only 2 entrants!!!!!!!

    • relevancey
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      Download: XXX [Edited by EagleStar88]
      Tournament Name: PFP 25
      Tournament Start Time (EST.): Thursdays 21:30
      Tournament Registration Options: Buy-in: $0
      Tournament Minimum Prize Pool: $25
      Password: ffg76t
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    • DarkNeo1
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      Never heard of XXX [Edited by EagleStar88] before.Firefox says the connection is untrusted.Is this a bogus site or something!
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi relevancey,

      Whilst we appreciate the context in which you posted this (looking to help out fellow members), this is not a major poker platform (just 250 players online when I checked) and as such, it's reliability and financial strength is unknown.

      Although it doesn't appear to rely on affiliate marketing and so doesn't strictly speaking breach our forum rules, I think that it is wise to not risk members bankrolls until they are a proven platform.

      Board Rules - Rule 3: No advertising

      • No advertising of affiliate offers/poker sites, who finance themselves through affiliate marketing
      The protection (both data & financial) of members is of paramount importance for PokerStrategy and it's own partner platforms are carefully chosen after a number of checks on financial security, player volumes, user friendliness etc are assessed.

      I hope you appreciate my reasons for closing this thread and please do not let it put you off of actively posting in the forum in future. Like I said, we appreciate you looking to help other members out.

      Best regards,