so i lost like 600 dollars in 2/3 days , i aint even gonna whine about the dollars i lost with all the bad beats but what happened just 5 minutes ago?

HU sng 50

i make a brilliant play based on my reads on him

had a flush on the turn, bet, he raises, i call.
im oop
i check he goes all in river but he got 80 behind
i obv call with A high flush. he has 82s which was complete air no draw no pair just rags.

now 80 left for me to take i push Q8 he has Q5 he takes pot with trip 5's
160 left push push, i have j10 he has j9, guess what a 9 on flop
and this continued the whole fucking tournament.

My reads were good but i wasnt getting any cards too

tried to outplay him but he had it ALL the time.

ive got a punch bag in my room so that quite helps

Skill helps your odds, but they are still odds.

ive been through a hell of downswings in the past but this is getting ridicilous

the thing is I know I played my A-game and did nothing wrong figured out my opponent but damn that kinda hurts you mentally

well punch bag, we got some unfinished bussiness.