Bad quiz?

    • TheDulster
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      Your quiz is pretty hard to pass I think...
      I'm not new to poker, but I read all the beginners articles - a lot of it I already knew, and some of it was interesting for me to read!

      Non or the less - I have managed to fail the quiz 3 times now!

      I really don't get it - some of the questions are not quite explaining enough, I think. Sometimes I get to think if there are two or even three correct answers...

      Besides - I don't think the questions are completely according to the articles.

      And another problem I have: you need 25 buy-ins up to the next level, to play at it, if you want to. And you must go down a level if there are 25 buy-ins down to it, or less. Fine!
      But when I'm looking at the table in the What is the Big Stack Strategy? article, I doubt if you want me to calculate 25 buy-ins +/- according to the "Bankroll Needed", or should I just answer from the numbers in the tabel?

      I'm from Denmark, excuse me for my English, but I hope you understand ;)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi TheDulster,

      The quiz is pretty straight forward and you have been provided with everything you need to pass it successfully.

      We cannot help you with specific questions because it is important that you are able to understand and implement the strategy correctly to stand any chance of retaining and building on your free starting capital.

      Sometimes at first it does look like there are a couple of different correct answers, but if you re-read the material provided carefully, you will see that only 1 is the correct option.

      Try to place aside any previous poker knowledge/experience and answer based on the strategy material provided alone.

      You have a total of 5 attempts to pass and must get 17 (or more) correct answers from the 20 questions.

      Best regards & good luck,

    • TheDulster
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      all-right, fair enough.

      I'll give it another try :) - and hopefully maximum two!