My first 1$ SnG won :)

    • metalDays
      Joined: 26.09.2009 Posts: 97
      Well since my BR was down to 3 bucks, the 9 I won is surely a nice add :)
      Ive won a couple of SnG but lost at Heads up, I really have no experiecne there.
      Now this SnG I made some dumb moves which cost me a lot of chips and moved me to push/fold phase. A bit of luck and good plays brought me back up to heads up however and I managed to survive the initital moments with my 2200 chips against 9000 chips with couple of good bluffs.
      Turned around, I got 9000 chips he got 2000 and a simple all in with my JJ against A9 won it for me :)

      Gotta say, heads up is tougher than I ever imagined...
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