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Deciding where to move on...?

    • pablomeza
      Joined: 22.08.2009 Posts: 508
      Given FT's upcoming update regarding minimum buy-in, and how my BSS experience was bad to say the least, I'm giving SSS another shot and it's been working out so far. Unfortunately I will have to move out of FTP soon apparently, and so I would love it if people gave me their opinions on where to move given the different bonuses and other stuff offered on other sites.

      These are the 3 sites I'm considering, in no particular order and keep in mind I will be playing NL25-NL50 SSS in the site when I move out:

      Cake Poker
      - Pros: Has rakeback just like FTP, higher actually, and I can be tracked to AND get most of the first deposit bonus.
      - Cons: Low traffic although I live in Mexico si US peak hours = time I can play in easily. I hear it is a very tight place and so it'll be hard to get payed off often with my good hands with SSS. Don't know if this applies to the micro limits as well or to every limit out there. Crappy software?

      Poker Stars
      - Pros: Infinite traffic, can play at anytime, first deposit bonus and I can probably easily achieve Platinum Star status this year, aiming for Supernova in 2011 if things go well andI continue to improve, learn etc. + good software.
      - Cons: No weekly rakeback which helps out a ton to a SSS I think, not being tracked to

      Question for Poker Stars people: Is Platinum Star good enough to consider moving here?

      Mansion Poker
      - Pros: First deposit bonus, high traffic (? I'm assuming so based on the review and a player from the spanish communiy whom 16 tables NL100, so I figure NL25-50 will have high enough traffic)
      - Cons: Change in the rake system to the 'contributed' method and so might be difficult to clear first deposit bonus and generate enough rake to qualify for VIP status's and will only depend on table winnings to move up/down/cash out.

      So of the 3, which would you recommend? Another alternative plan is the following:

      Move to either Mansion or Cake or both (first Cake due to expected higher traffic on micro stakes, then Mansion for higher general traffic) and clear both first deposit bonuses and whatever else I can get which will allow me to move up limits while at the same time revieweing studying and improving my game. After clearing both bonus's, hopefully have a $2000+ BR and move to Poker Stars and get decent rakeback although by this time Supernova will probably be difficult but my winnings from playing and bonuses should be higher thanks to a bigger BR/playing better and higher limits and definately achieve Supernoca in 2011.

      I'm mainly worried about low traffic in Cake Poker, and low benefits + difficult to clear the first deposit bonus in Mansion. Of course my main priority is and should always be improving my game so I can crush limits and bonuses and rakeback comes on its own if you do improve, but it doesn't hurt to consider all your options correct?

      Thanks for any and all input!
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    • ladman
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 289
      Not Mansion, Ipoker IMO sucks, also traffic aint great. Go stars
    • elvichente
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 9,211
      hi, for me mansion is the best, but i think that only works if you are D1+ or better, if you are not posible to do that, you choose other plataform...

      Sorry about my english, am of the spanish comunty,...