I hate this...

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      At the moment I'm playing FL .25/.50.

      Everyday when I start playing, I lose about 30-50BB in half an hour.
      I know, you will say: "thats nothing", but anyways... its really irritating.
      At the start of every session I play really bad. And I know it... I bet against calling stations, I call when I know that I'm beat with let-me-see-if-he-has-what-I think-he-has excuse, I bet with low pairs, bet on suited flop, bet with bad pot odds and much much more.

      Then I just stop for a second and I say to myself... What the hell am I doing, I have to start playing... For real... And then I play... 1st hour... I'm close too 0BB (start of the day)... 2nd hour... I'm at 0BB... 3rd hour... Huray, I made 10BB. :P

      And this story repeats from day to day. In the last 14 days, I've never made -BB. At the end of a day of course :) ... My "profit/hand" in PokerOffice looks like sine trend...

      Don't know what to do really... I think I'm playing well... Maybe I just need a bit more of "self-management".

      P.S. I was really furious when I started this thread, but now I'm OK :D
      I think I'll solve this... Should I even press "post new thread" button? Eh... :)
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