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Comments on Equilator

    • Chipp
      Joined: 01.08.2007 Posts: 4
      I can't post in the other thread, so I guess I'll share my thoughts here.

      First, great tool, thanks for sharing it.

      One change I'd like to see would be in how the derived hand ranges are presented in the output- it would be much more convenient to have the ranges displayed in the standard format eg. {77+, ATs+, AJo+} rather than, or in addition to, the grouped output that's shown currently.

      Also perhaps you could add the frequency next to the range- {77+, ATs+, AJo+} (7.5%). This would be handy in/next to the main input rows as well.

      Actually what I'd really like to see would be the actual number of combos in each range. eg. {77+, ATs+, AJo+} [100], or when vs. say, AK, {77+, ATs+, AJo+} [78]. Range vs. range gets messier, but it's less of a factor then, so w/e. This would be most useful postflop...would help save a lot of time on analysis, I think.

      Oh, I noticed the text files for the hand rankings- I actually edited one of the entries to use one of my own rankings, but could this be made an option? So we can configure the sets of rankings (edit, add, remove, rename, etc.)?

      Again, thanks for sharing.
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    • c4t0r
      Joined: 10.07.2007 Posts: 60
      Great tool indeed! I spent like 2 entire days last week playing around with equilator, and it truly amazes me!

      The frequency of given handranges is what i missed, too. I am wondering though if the developement of that tool is continued, or if the people that wrote it (/me bows thankfully to them) are working on different stuff now. If the guys are working on an update i think implementing the frequencies should not be too much work, however if not: Still a great tool, thank!
    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      Thank you for your feedback. I like the idea with the hand combos.

      IT will continue developing the program. :)

      I will add your two posts to the mainthread.