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      Hi all,

      Found this site yesterday, done the quiz 3/4 times and than finally passed it !

      Ive been playing poker for a while now, but with periods of quitting, mostly played on partypoker, have a real pay account there (started with about 15 dollar on sunday), i rlly like SNG's but its hard, hence i lost around 14 dollar in a few days, been playing cashgames now (0.02 bb) and up to 3.80 Dollar now.

      I found this site on my quest for information, ive learned more this past week reading websites like this 1 and starting to understand the true concept of poker (not just playing what hands you have) than i did in the last 2 years of playing.

      I used the 50 dollar bonus to create an PokerStars account waiting for that.

      ATM im a fish poker player, dont rlly understand how to calculate ODDS etc etc but hopefully will understand it quickly (altough its hard !) and move up to be a medium player soon !

      I guess my "gameplan" is to play cashgames and try to calculate odds and when i finally "mastered" that move up to SNG's and do some grinding (i hope i ever get that good)

      I installed the programs from the website (but they are german ??? ) are there any english version available ???


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