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      Hi all,

      It's been ages since I had a blog on the English site and my newest challenge is a good opportunity to start a new one.
      On PartyPoker, the Cash Machine promotion is running again and this time with a boost if you keep it up for 20 days instead of 10.

      I'm gonna go for it !
      Graphs will be updated weekly.

      PartyPoker Cash Machine hunt : day 1

      Hands : 8427
      Time : 10h20'
      Amount won : $ 572.36
      Winrate : 3.40 PTBB

      PartyPoints : 1018

      After 10 days of grinding, I would be eligible for a 1000 $ instant bonus.
      After 20 days of grinding, another 500 $ will await me.
      And of course, after 20 days of grinding 1000 PP a day, I get another sweet 3000 $ PartyPoint rakeback bonus.

      That's the target for this month, 20 days of 1000 PartyPoints per day (or 5 buy ins per day in rake :D ). This has to be possible at a conservative winrate of 2 PTBB/100 (which is 6800 $ profit over ~170000 hands)
      Can I win 11000 $ this month ? Wait and see...

      Next month, I would need 10000 more PartyPoints and then I get 10000 free PartyPoints, effectively giving me 50 % rakeback in january and 70 % in february.

      Wish me luck folks, I'm about to die. :D
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