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An intricate suggestion about video producers

    • Atoks
      Joined: 01.06.2008 Posts: 1,397
      I've been watching the JonathanLittle massive tournament video series and I'm really enjoying them a lot. I'm sure every player who watches videos with intent of really learning something new and expanding their horizons really take time and care watching the videos and really appreciate what the producer has to tell them about. However it's not so easy to get an answer from the producer to interesting questions that the viewer gets (and I'm not talking hands here, certain hands in certain spots can be disputed in so many ways it'd just be endless talking about them).

      So what I propose is like a bi-weekly or monthly "ask the video producer" thread. Viewers could ask the producer a few questions with the aim of getting a more in-depth response of something the producer maybe casually mentioned or a thought the producer had about something more general than just a hand at a certain point in the vid. These questions could be screened a bit so the producer doesn't get swarmed with a load of questions that aren't that great (which is hard to determine tbh). There could also be a vote for each status group on what producer they'd like to post questions to and u could have producers from different types of games answering questions in different weeks/months.

      Anyway I think it's a decent idea that should be looked at, I feel with all the topics more experienced players sometimes open the whole video experience could be really improved if the viewer could ask questions about certain issues that get raised during the videos. It looks like it'd be a complex thing to set up but I feel it'd be well worth researching.
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