my sit n go downswing

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    • aciddrop
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      Certainly it's out there, around 57BI for the limit. Not unheard of, large swings are common.

      How many total have you played for the limit? If this is just a swing in the midst of a couple of thousand, it may be variance based. If these are the only sngs you've played, it is more likely that you need to look at your play.

      How does your play look when you are reviewing the sngs? Without the review process, it isn't possible to say where the losses are occurring.
    • andreibalint
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      If unsure go to 9man sng's where variance is smaller and see what you can get there going..
    • mishkagg
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      Totally normal IMO.
    • Atoks
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      I swinged nearly 1500$ downwards on the 12$ 45man turbos ... and not only once! So not that I wish it on u but it seems there could be more in terms of loss coming ur way. Though possibly not since if ur playing regular and not turbo it's possible u could avoid some extra damage.
    • advola
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      I play them to
      i now recovering from a 1k downswing that took plase
      in 3 days and 60 sngs..
      Now thats a downswing...
    • thegrouse
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      i've played a total of 682 24$ sitn goes. I peaked at tourney number 252 with 3500 profit. Over the past 400 tourneys i've been gradually losing and at 682 tourneys, my profit stands at 1395. It's starting to tilt me. Oh and yes, they are turbo tourneys.
    • lessthanthreee
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      make sure to review your game and study thoroughly through a downswing to ensure you are playing your absolute best.

      and dont let tilt affect you either. just makes it worse :P
    • aciddrop
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      The only thing I can say about this is, your ROI after 252 SNGs is around 58%, which is very unrealistic.

      Your ROI after 682 tourneys is 8.5%, which isn't unrealistic.

      Looks like you started on a major heater, and the rest just feels like shit.

      Still like <3 says, review your games, study, and if you can settle on +10% over a large sample, you should be very happy.