after the free 50 the other 50

    • rah33m
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      its says it would be released in increments of 5 dollars every time u hit 83 ftp so i was wondering when they pay u that 5 do they just include it in the rake when they payout on friday?
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi rah33m,

      Full Tilt recently changed their rules and there is no longer a matching second $50. You do however receive the opportunity of a 100% (max $600) bonus which Full Tilt didn't previously provide, so the change can be used to your advantage.

      PS150 provided you with $50 starting capital and a $50 first deposit matching bonus (your first deposit being the PokerStrategy $50).
      Having provided you with a matching $50, Full Tilt didn't usually provide you with any further matching bonus when depositing your own funds.

      New Rule:
      PS150 will provide you with the $50 starting capital, but no inital bonus.
      You will however receive 100% matching of your own first deposit up to a maximum bonus of $600.

      In addition to this, you will of course still continue to receive the other benefits including:
      * Rakeback (through PokerStrategy)
      * IronMan VIP promotion
      * Mid Year/End Year IronMan bonuses
      * Ad hoc Take2/other bonuses
      We have already changed the relevent forum threads to reflect the changes and are in the process of updating the download guides etc.

      Best regards,