Was just wondering about the first deposit bonus.

You have to get 4000 points to release the 500$ and for that points you can buy 200$ bonus so if I just want to realease the 700$

My ptr shows me that I have to collect 2320$ in MGR to get 4000 points. So that´s 700/2320 = 30% rakeback. That´s pretty small.

In fulltilt i get 27% rakeback after I released first deposit bonus. And to release 500$ first deposit bonus I gathered like 1100$ in MGR.

500/1100 = 45% and I got ftp points and like 70$ extra rakeback.

Pokerstars you have to gather 10200vpp playing nl50FR you get like 24 vpp/100 hands
So you have to play 42500 hands there to release the bonus that´s like 700$ in MGR so that´s nearly 90% rakeback. plus you can spend your points

Partypoker Pokerstars Fulltilt
MGR 2320 700 1100
Bonus 700 600 570
30% 85% 51%

Am I missing something or is it just crappy bonus.
Above calculation are rough estimates