How many do u need to get right on the quiz

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    • grandmaster82
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      I don't think you need perfect, but despite your "There's no way I can fail this" attitude, I recommend you thoroughly read ALL the pre-quiz articles.

      Reason being, I have read a couple of poker books (Slansky, Jones, Braid etc) and I still failed the first time :tongue:

      After reading through the pre-quiz material, which took no more than 35mins, I completed and passed the quiz in 4 minutes.

      40 minutes of work for $50. Do it the smart way. ;)
    • Mpokerplyr
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      Originally posted by Mott89
      there is no way i should be failing this quiz? do u need perfect or what?
      Ya I have been playing holdem for years and failed the first time.. It is not a cakewalk.

    • ciRith
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      You don't have to do it perfect but I can't tell you how much you need. The more you know the better it is later on for you because every mistake costs you money as soon as you play for real money.

      You have 5 attemps. :)
    • Puschkin81
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      I know how much you need! :D But I won't tell you. :P
      The only thing I can assure you is: if you read and study our articles you won't have any problems to pass the quiz!

      Best regards,