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coldcalling from the SB vs raise + coldcall

    • DarthBobo
      Joined: 09.09.2007 Posts: 1,134
      coldcalling from SB when there's a raiser + coldcaller in front.

      I did some quick analysis on this matter. Here are my findings.
      source: 150k hands from 3 different winning TAGs at 2/4

      You're getting 11:3 here and usually the BB will also call (or sometimes raise).
      So you can use approximately 12:3 here. This is 4:1.

      guidelines for coldcalling here:

      - any pair
      - any suited ace
      - any suited connector, suited onegapper and suited twogapper

      - no unsuited cards (maybe QJo and JTo???)

      - suited kings ??? samplesize too small to find out

      - use common sense and 3bet your good hands.

      There's an article somewhere from Onkelhotte and he says:
      - coldcall from the SB: KJs, QTs, J9s, T9s, 98s, 87s
      - coldcall outside the blinds: KJs, QTs, JTs, T9s
      Seems super tight to me. I'm sure I'm losing value when I don't play stuff like KTs here. Also note that he doesn't mention suited aces. I can't imagine folding A2s here and I can't imagining myself 3betting it either.

      I'm looking for discussion on this subject so please let me know your thoughts.
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    • Joshquan
      Joined: 01.01.2009 Posts: 479
      I think the reason Axs is not mention its the iminent reverse domination issue, reverse implied odds are much greater than implied odds for these hands. With A2s for instance in a 3 or 4 way raised pot you will not really be comfortable and will face hard decisions postflop unless you hit your flush.

      I definatly like to include lots of suited connectors and 1 gappers here because they pretty much play themselves postflop. Also, where onkelhotte mention suited connectors down to 87s, i dont see a lot of difference between that and 54s in this situation as they play pretty similar and an 8-high flush doesnt have a huge amount more value than a 5-high flush imo.

      If there is a fish in the hand , which the coldcaller will often be, or at least it seems that way at my limit, you can loosen up your range slightly as your implied odds increase. Similarly, if the open raiser is nitty i would adjust my range and play more lower connecting cards aspose to some of the highcard hands mentioned as there would be increased risk of reverse domination by big aces.

      I think it is important to note that with relatively high offsuited cards, like QJo and JTo even though your equity maybe quite good preflop and enought to justify a call. I again think RIO>IO so your effective equity decreases and situations get tought postflop, which is why i personally dont like playing them but i guess if you are confident in your postflop play they could be profitable against the right opponents.

      Hope this made some sense and its somewhat reasonable :)

      Intrested to here other opinions!