• ahdoughnutz
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      hello all, i came across this site by chance and find it really interesting and knowledgable.
      i haven't been playing poker for that long really but i feel i have already learnt a hell of a lot since joining this site and i cannot wait to unlock the other levels on this site as im sure i can learn lots and lots.

      im from the uk and ive been thinking on playing live but 1st i want to gain some experience from online to try and take to the casino.

      hope everyone is doing well and i hope your all gaining at the tables.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi ahdoughnutz & welcome to the community,

      I like your thinking, I've been playing poker for large part of 20 years (yeah I know I'm old, so shoot me :D ) and have been recently thinking of doing a few live events.
      I'm thinking local pub league first, then maybe APAT before trying for GUKPT.

      Online is a good place to start and get a feel for tournaments before venturing out.

      Anyway, just wanted to say hi and welcome you to this friendly and helpful community and will no doubt see you around the forums soon.

      Best regards,

      (from Hampshire)