challenge: company name, slogan & logo for TwiceT's business [public private coaching inside]

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      heyho community!

      i need help from all the creative guys out there!

      a friend of mine and me are currently founding a company in vienna and we are struggling hard to find an adequate name, slogan and logo for it. before passing the work on to a prof. agency, i talked to vali and we thought it might be a good idea to try to tap creative ideas of our community first and giving out the best price in tha world for the ideas whe finally choose for our company: a public private coaching with TwiceT aka ThaSickestSouldreaderAndMindfuckerInTown :f_biggrin:
      (see my coaching info thread [link in signatur] for some infos about what i coach)

      here are some rly basic infos about the business. if u have any more questions, ask them here, i'll reply asap:

      we are a plattform (especially online, but also have an office in vienna's city centre where private banks and consulters are located [best location in Vienna actually => pimp style :D ] ) who merge private investors (business angels, family offices, private investors, private equity funds, private foundations etc) with innovative young companies who dont get moniiez from banks due to basel 2 (u know, companies have to have very good ratings, but thats hard to achieve for young companies, especially the own equity ratio often is a big prob)
      i cant go into detail about everything we offer, cuz its actually a lot
      we also offer the signing of the contracts
      we offer trustee serice etc
      but thats basically the idea this is german, this is a cheap try with the same idea in germany ... but just to give u an overview. Our way would be way more comprehensive.

      so basically we are an intermediary

      we also do "low stakes" consultling: we evaluate the rating of the company for investors
      but actually, its not rly us who evaluate, we just take the rating information from big authorities and prepare it
      @ fees: for a 3 month listing, companies pay ~ 400€
      investors dont pay anything
      that way, we make sure we have many investors on our plattform
      also, we dont participate in the deals itself. so if investor a invests 100k into company b, we dont get 1% or so from that invested sum. that way, we make sure we dont get a "banking" image
      we want to be "the good ones"
      enemies of the banks more or less

      the main focus is a bit more on (young, innovative) companies than on investors.
      cuz 1) they pay the fees. our cash flow depends on them being registered. 2) if we have a great pool of interesting companies, investors will be there anyway

      i have a meeting in 10 minutes, thats why this post isnt written in prof, style, hope u dont mind ;-)
      however, i wanted to post it now, since we dont have too much time cuz company name is so damn important for us to sign the contract of association, get company bank account, sign office contracts etc etc

      also, for those who fear i wont play or coach anymore: dont worry, i will still be coach and pro, but i just dont like being pro only, i need more diversification. in the past it was studying, now its making some moniiiez with my business.

      deadline: monday january 11 for name. logo will need some more days, cuz we need the name first.
      @ logo: we dont just need a jpg (but for first ideas, thats good enough ofc). we need the graphics in such formats (vector grapihcs) that we can work with them properly.

      hope i didnt forget something important, damn need to go. laters!

      peace on u guys, hope for some interest :f_grin:
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      Not the most creative idea, but I just couldn't control my urge to post this. How about...

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      dont steal my intellectual property :D
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      have basic photoshop skills. but need an image in my head, i'm honna take another read of your above post but thus far i have little grasp of the wanted image of the company
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      hey TT, first of all happy new year !!

      my major is Media Technologies... photoshop, flash, 3dmax etc and i find youridea very suitable for my final design project for this semester. can you put some deadline for this, so i know how much time i have ?

      EDIT: just read the end of the post, it was tl :) , ill try to finish sometthing till 11th
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      Originally posted by silent21
      my major is Media Technologies... photoshop, flash, 3dmax etc and i find youridea very suitable for my final design project for this semester. can you put some deadline for this, so i know how much time i have ?

      going public is march 1. storyboard for website should be finished 15/01. website + database system should be finished 22/02.
      so we need everything for design somewhere between 15/01 and 22/02 when website is actually made. i would say end of january would probably be the deadline.

      how big is your design project for uni? just a logo or a flash intro or is it a more comprehensive project?

      @ your edit: this deadline is for the name, not for the graphics. we need a name first. logo, grahics, flash intro (maybe) is not that urgent.

      edit of my edit: buf ofc, the earlier, the better :f_p:
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      btw: although we are starting in vienna, austria, we plan on operating in many countries in the future. hence, the website will be .com and its important that the company name (and the url) is not connected with bad meanings/images in any language.

      at first the website will be available in german and english. but more languages are planned if everything works out well.

      business plan is also just written in english. so we want to sell an international image, even if we are just starting out in austria in the beginning.
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      Well I'm actually interested in your offer and I'm capable of accomplishing your request.

      Although I'm a trainee lawyer I also do some work in design, webdesign, marketing and such, mainly when helping my brother or my girlfriend. My brother has a Branding, Marketing and Design company where he also works as a designer and webdesigner. And I usually help him (when he requests) with some things when I have some free time, especially with layouts, logos, stationary, etc. And my girlfriend is a Marketing Director in a Strategic Marketing and Communications company and I help her with design, publicity and multimedia presentations ideas.
      I've worked for quite some years with Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and other not so mainstream software.

      I would like you to specify more details about your business and what you want for it to be and/or sound like. Everything you can remember and that could be helpful to develop an adequate work.
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      @ cryburn:


      however, actually i dont want to specify what i want the name to be/sound like. so far we also tried to come up with a suitable name. we used several methods, but we haven't been satisfied with the results so far. if i tell u know what i personally think it should sound like, the results might be similar to ours. i want u guys to totally think outside the box.

      and yeah, sure i could go more into details about our company, but i doubt it rly helps to tell u too much. e.g. we're also going to set up private funds together with an escrow. that way, not only big family businesses and investors are able to invest in big projects, but also "normal" ppl can group together (ship their moniiez into a pool) in order to form a fund which then, with our support and controlled by an escrow, invests in a company/project.

      what i didnt mention before i guess: the "standard" way of investment we're going to promote are silent partnerships. so its own equity that companies get. not credit capital (debts) as they get from banks => equity-to-assets ratio goes up => better rating => company life's good => we are the good guys, banks are the bad guys (1. they dont even give money, and even if, ratings go down due to bad equity-asset-ratio)
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      @ all:

      just to make things clear:
      we dont need a corporate design or somebody who is programming our website. we already have very good partners for that stuff.

      we "just" need a company name, a slogan and name for url.
      once we know all that, we need a nice logo that matches and that is a bit of an eye-catcher.

      ofc, if then somebody has an idea for some flash intro for our website, thats great. but actually we have prof. designers and programmers already, so thats not the issue.
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      Hyphen :f_biggrin: as in connecting things :D
    • Gerv
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      Let me try a few things *scratches his head*

      * Wyo corp. with slogan: ''That's Why!''
      * Eragon LTD/GmbH ,''Quality above all''
      * FTure as in Future & Financial :)
      * Reeël (It's dutch for realistic but is pronounced as ''Real'' but can be said as Reel and Rail as well :) )
      * Intrepid (Means '' • adjective fearless; adventurous. ''' but inter = global :) )

      I found Conflux also very appropriate since Con- is latin for ''Together with'' and Flux means change

      I think a slogan is linked directly with its company so I guess your name goes first
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      just my 2 cents:

      *EZinv - "Investments have never been easier"
      *Greenvestments - "Our future is in our hands"
      *OTLoF - "On the level of Future"
      *P(ositive)F(uture) Solutions - "Alway look on the bright side of life"

      *Green Line Investments
      *ShipIt Ltd.
      *Ducy ltd - "Do you see why?" - ah that's bad
      *TMTFDO - Take maney the f do
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      TrusteeTree - "We grow your investments for free/for a fee"
      lol :D
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      CatSharks Ltd. - We Are Better Than You.

      PokerMonkey Bros - Trust Your Money To The Monkey.

      Slice-of-Life - If You Fail At Poker - Start A Business.

      Anti-Banking Cartel - We Dominate The Banking Industry.

      Angel Trap - Integrating Business Angel Into Your Business since 2010.
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      i've got an very exceptional and abstract idea. right now trying to draw some logo in ps but failing miserable. update will come later or early tomorrow
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      muhahahha, some great/funny ideas :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: so far
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      Investinators - You'll get more money back

      rofl so stupid, but couldn't help posting it anyway :f_biggrin:
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