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NL25 SH Moving to another site

    • fakedurrr
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 725
      I would liek to change sites and clear some bonus, I play on everest now
      and I am BE after 17k hands because of some bad luck and missclicks
      My first idea was FTP because I heard bonus is easy to clear, there is rakeback and also nice shop , nice software, but I am not sure how is the play there, if I can find some fish there or smth (I cant really play at 01.00AM CET time when there are prob. some fish (USA)
      What do u think?

      I would rather not go o Stars because I had 1 playmoney there and one tracke through PS where I got 2bucks from PokerStars and didnt have any problem though, but still, I would not stay there so their VIP system and bonusses would not help me (well, maybe I would stay there if I would like it ...)

      I dont really have many options, I guess next there is iPoker platfroms which I guess are all same, I heard there is horrible software, horrible support, problems etc. How are the players ?

      thenthere is party, nice software but well, Party poker has a huge rake and are robbers, anyway, how is the play there?

      Fo I have any options left?

      I played on Pacific poker so I wont be able to get full bonus (I got starting capital there)

      Can u advise me pls? U can even talk about some site I have not mentioned
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    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      I havent played there, but according to what I've heard, InterPoker & PokerHeaven could be option for you.. nice effective RB while clearing FDB, a lot of fish and good enough traffic on this limit.

      And what about Pacific (888)? I'm lifetime banned there so cant say how it is there, but a lot of fish and big FDB (not sure about effective RB though)..

      And there're still Unibet, Betfair, bwin, Lads and Cake. If you're playing a lot, clearing FDB on all of these sites one by one could be nice bankroll booster ;)

      So, I didn't say anything helpful at all, but to sum it up:
      If I were you, I'd go to InterPoker and/or Pokerheaven first. :f_cool:
    • fakedurrr
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 725
      yea, ty

      I was thinking about those sites but I am not sure if I am able ot clear bonus there on NL25 and I think the max of hands I would be able to play with some luck would be 20k a month but if I stay on a downer I may play less because I would want to play less than 5 table s at once

      and Unibet has no deposit bonus through PS and also no rakeback (even though they said there should be but n o one gets one)
      and on Pacific I wíould get just 300 deposit bonus and it is hard to clear and they have horrible VIP system, but there is lots of fishies out there
    • ZhiCheng
      Joined: 04.10.2008 Posts: 2,294
      Should haf stick with FR for some more time at everest.. Srsly.. its soooo fishy..
      +we could play together n chat.. hihi :P
      Anyways.. All I can say is.. I can tell u sting bout ipoker(mansion to be exact).
      Well, the software is getting better/I mean options stuff n everything..they even added auto top-up,which is nice/
      About support..I dont know how about the other guys, but I had always nice chat with the support.. Many ppl seem to haf problems with withdrawals.. I dont understand why.. I sent them exactly what they asked me for n I was able to withdraw with no further problems..
      Players.. Well, Its uncomparably tougher than Everest I'd say.. But mby I improved my game a bit since the period I was playing nl20 there.. So.. might be missleading.. but of course you can spot many fishes there.. N even Its no prob to be profitable there for player..

      Opal: u r banned for lifetime at 888 ? :P Would it be rude to ask why ?;)
    • antonin87
      Joined: 01.11.2009 Posts: 124
      well im might a bit off this topic but which site is best for SSS??im on party now but the rake is awful so when i will release the last bonus i have there i want to leave..any idea or advice will be very helpful..thx
      P.S. opal why you have lifetime ban???
    • fakedurrr
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 725
      Groy: I dont and I have never and I prob. never play FR BSS (too boring for me) if u move to SH we can chat if my roll does not fall down too much from downer (or abd play? :D )
      Antonin: best site for SSS? .... surely not FTP now :) Everest ahs great bonsu an d great VIP system for SSSers but horrible software for shortscakers (lagging etc) , maybe PS cause most of poeple play there but there would be prob many people movin g from FTP to PS with SSS so I dont recomend it, other sites are not that great or even really bad, but maybe iPoker(I have no idea)

      Opal is surely cheater, real hustler, scammer ...:D but I woul lvoe to know what happened :)

      EDIT: I jsut checked PokerHeaven adn first Deposit bonsu is like extra 13 rakeback or soso I would have to make 9k in rake on NL25SH way :) its surely nice way with rakeback when u play higher though
    • fakedurrr
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 725
      and also if u suggest me iPoker than whcich skin? Mansion has nice shop but when there are rpoblems with withdrawals , I would have hard time getting Adress proof (because I am lazy)
      and also if I have to choose iPoker then I would go to some better deal site and play few tourneys on Pacific to at least maintain Silver status
    • Targetme
      Joined: 04.05.2009 Posts: 1,888
      id suggest party while they got the cash machine goin. 10 days of really hard grinding is giving me 300+$ at end of month at nl25. Also rakeback is same for ss as it is for bss. However gl gettin a table with only 3 ss