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Red pro? No go!

    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952
      So I've been playing some 1$ SNGs for the fun of it and then this strange red name pops up in chat... I checked the tourney lobby to find out I was playing a full tilt red pro - matt sexton. He played decent poker I guess and took the chip lead fairly quickly by busting the fish, but later on when only four of us were left, everyone was playing pretty tight. I took advantage of it, started attacking the blinds more agressively and pretty soon took over the chip lead, then lost 2/3 of my stack by pushing QQ into A5 (nice call by a fish). Later on I got into a confrontation with matt in push or fold and well, it worked out better for me than for him:

      Then I was off to HU where I played pretty decent and soon got the villain to 400 or so chips compared to my 8600, but that's where things started going wrong. I've lost a couple of coinflips and 60:40 pushes and soon got down to about 2.5k chips. But then luck somehow found me again and after a won push villain started to play very passively, folding and limping in, so it was pretty easy to eat his stack and then win the last push with 77 vs Q6o. It wasn't a very profitable SNG but it will be a memorable one for me :)

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