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FTP Table Manager

    • eskojones
      Joined: 09.04.2009 Posts: 27
      Hey guys, I've been working a few days on a program to manage my tables when I'm playing on my netbook (which has a pretty low resolution screen).

      The program has kinda grown into a full 'product' due to the feedback I received while getting friends to test it for me -- so I present FTP Table Manager..

      A dynamic table management system (not unlike Table Of Interest by Thois) designed for Full-Tilt Poker. All tables go onto a stack which can be entirely hidden if desired, tables that require attention are dynamically tiled in a pre-defined area -- allowing easy mass-multitabling on any screen resolution.


      • Stacks tables that dont require user actions.
      • Dynamically tiles tables that need user actions:
        * Either until there's no room in the tile grid
        * Or, as soon as the user has made their action.
      • Designed to work in conjunction with TableNinjaFT.
      • Written in traditional C for efficient use of the Windows API.
      • Exclude individual tables from management, useful when playing an MTT on the side in a session.
      • The stack can be entirely removed from the desktop.
      • New "Cards Dealt" detection mode tiles tables which still have hole cards.

      Development is ongoing, and I would very much appreciate any success/problem reports on different operating environments!

      Chucked together a little web page at

      I am very interested in bug reports and feature suggestions, so please post any problems you encounter. It's not the most user friendly of applications currently but that will change soon enough.

      Thanks for reading! :heart:
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