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1000 posts!!!

    • excelgeo
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 1,107
      1000 posts people. ONE THOUSAND.

      I thought I should write a little story about how it has come to this and what I have made out of it too, to also thank people who ive met along the way and tell everyone who has just joined what they are in for.

      But first...
      It all started last October. Well let's go even further back. It all started 2 and a half years ago. I was working in a call centre, quite arguably the most mind numbing job in the world. If you manage to not do drugs or commit suicide while working in a call centre then, and that is according to Darwin, your genes should be kept in a lab just in case the world is destroyed and the repopulation of the planet needs to be assisted by cloning the fittest, most handsome and supremely persevering individuals who are prepared to do whatever they are told in return for minimum wage or even a can of beans.

      So my colleagues were talking poker and I was already doing a bit of sports betting on eurobet and I moved to their poker site to see what is on offer. My betting was fuelling my poker and my poker was rarely fuelling anything. I was playing $5 SNG and I pretty much sucked. I even remembered going to the cash games only to get constantly raped. Then I stopped playing online, played maybe five or six tournaments at the casino but never got to the money, although I made the bubble 3 times and that was it for the next couple of years.

      14 months ago I came across pokerstrategy and dont ask me how because I have no idea or recollection of the circumstances that surrounded my amazing discovery. I read the articles, passed the quiz and signed up with full tilt poker because I remember a series they did called learn from the pros.

      In the last 14 months, I have withdrawn in excess of $5k and never made a deposit myself. I have paid rent, bills, travel with that money and although I could be on lots more if I kept it in I am understandably happy with what I have done with it. I am an NL50 and NL25 regular, depending on how much money I have left in the account. I try to grind BSS but obviously with less than good bankroll management so I stick to SSS quite a bit.

      Winnings aside though, I have to say I have had an amazing time visiting and being part of this amazing community. Every day I log in with anticipation on what I am going to read in the fun and off topic, the interesting hands I am going to be looking at in the hand judging forum, the fascinating stories at the poker blogs and the tens of “where is my rakeback?” threads on full tilt every friday afternoon (they all end up with a second post a few hours later saying “never mind, I just got it”). I talked to many people that have the same interest as me and are fun to talk to as well. Names that spring to mind are Alejandrosh, Daphunk, Kruppe, Berzeger, Funrockets101, the brazilian brothers whose names I forget, ihufa, raun and of course the admins: Kingdippy, Justkyle, Vhalle, Soy and all the others.Also thanks to the hand judges who are improving my game. Kaitz and Gerv in particular as they are judging my regular limits.

      A special paragraph for Eaglestar. Bart is possibly one of the nicest people around and I have to thank him for all his help. He even puts up with me on skype when I cant stop talking. I am very happy for him with his super moderator status now and I wish him a swift recovery. You rock man and I promise to see you soon when I come to gig down there, drinks on me.

      I would like to think that I have helped some people out here too.

      If you are still reading, thanks and congratulations.

      So about the future: I would like to carry on being as involved as I am in pokerstategy, maybe even more if that is possible. I see myself hitting 2000 way sooner than i hit 1k. I would also like to be able to not burn my bankroll every time I get a job so that I will move up the limits. An MTT win would be nice. That is about it.

      Wow. A thousand posts. A THOUSAND POSTS.

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