multiple tables tournaments- questions

    • arsgov
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      hey everybody,
      i'm a pretty good player in tournaments with about 300-400 players, i reached many final tables and even finished 1st in some of them.
      lately i developed a little problem - i began loosing on the bubble almost every time! i swear i play very well all the way, but when it come near the end i become small stack and forced to push/fold and thats how i lose for example in 12 place when 9 players get paid. and it happens every tournament lately.!

      it also happens to me in bigger tournaments of 1000+ players when i lose about 150 place when 100 players get paid for example...

      what the hell is my problem?? should i be more agressive a minute before we get to the few last tables? when ante begans and blinds are very big?

      anyway, i don't have money now, but i should get rakeback (i think today).
      so plz tell me what am i doing wrong, and if i should play something else like cash or small sit-n'-go or something.

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi arsgov,

      It's possible that you are easing up a little too early and not playing through the bubble.

      I'm no expert however although we do have many experienced mtt players and coaches here.

      With your permission, I'll move your question into the mtt strategy section of the forum (but leave a link in the beg/qu section). You will get a lot better coverage there and more likely to get responses from experienced players ;)

      Good luck with building up from scratch again.

      Best regards,

    • TheRebuz
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      i give 1 advice that i got from barry greenstein for MTT (i cant tell u on which site was it couse = spam)

      it is simple, it goes something like this:

      U cant win MTT u got to STEAL it... u cant wait cards to came ur way
      so u got to be pushing weak players and avoid better 1, play agresivly ip, bet every time when u fell weaknes (dont bet too much u got to have standard betting patern with made hands, pure blufs and draws -> same bets like 3/5 pot on flop, 2 barreling too, let me give u ex.
      50/100 u have something like 4800 and guy limps in M1(he have something like in 4k) ur HJ u have 98s and u play like this raise to 400-500
      - all fold limper folds u win 250
      - all fold limper calls, flop k73 (suits doesnt matter) pot is something like 950-1050 he checks u bet 700 -> he folds u win 1k etc
      pasiv table same blind leve 50/100 Utg limps m1 limsps ur on BTN with kq u limp too SB flods BB checks
      flop came J75 all cehck u bet 2/3 pot all fold
      same level 50/100
      M1 limps, M3 limps BTN limps, ur in BB have 9Ts u raise to 600-750 all fold

      so u got to be playing agresiv in position and Cbeting a ton, and ur doing vs bad players when blinds are big enough and u stealing blinds does matter

      first in ur raising or folding and Cbeting almoust any flop

      REMEBER TO GET DEEP IN MTT U GOT TO HAVE STACK -> U NEED STACK TO BULLY OTHER PLAYERS, so dont play marginal situations trying to hit a nice board or to have good hand just bully weaker players play tight (i mean tight -> dont play many hands so u can use ur image to play any 2 in right spot) -> and chose ur spots wisely to bully other weaker players