Big Draws - Quiz

What the hell are "Big Draws" or "Monster Draws"?

Big Draws or Monster Draws are hands which have at least 12 outs. Examples are hands like flush draw + overcards (=15 outs) or open-ended-straight-flush draw (=15 outs). But also draws like flush draw + gutshot (=12 outs) can be profitable in many situations.
With 14-15 outs we are most of the time favourite against one paired hands if we go to the showdown. Hence we try to go all-in in these situations. In addition in some situations we dominate other draws and are a big favourite.
But a good player who thinks that he has an edge over his opponents, tries to avoid coinflips. For this reason we will go all-in with those draws if we have fold equity to make sure that we can immediately take down the pot in some cases.


Hand I)

0,25/0,50 No-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)

Preflop: Hero is MP3 with A:heart: , Q:heart:
MP2 calls, Hero raises to $2,50, 4 folds, MP2 calls.

Flop: ($5,75) 2:heart: , 8:heart: , 5:spade: (2 players)
MP2 bets $5, Hero??

a) Raise to ~20$/fold to push
b) call/raise turn if we hit
c) Push all-in
d) Raise to ~20$/call all-in

Answer: (in white below)

Answer: d)

Villain makes a really strong bet. Most of the time he holds a draw, a strong one pair hand or better. It is also possible that he wants to find out how good his hand is.
As mentioned above we are a favourite over one paired hands. We often have 15 outs (9 to a flush + 6 for the overcards). Nevertheless we want to keep the chance to take down the pot right now without seeing another card and without overbetting the pot. That's why answer a) is incorrect.
Answer b) is wrong, too because if we call we have no fold equity. In addition we would keep the pot small although we have a big hand. That would mean that we miss value. Also our equity would be worse if we do not hit on the turn.
Answer c) would mean an overbet which we want to avoid.
For this reason we take answer "d) Raise to ~20$/call all-in". On the one hand we disguise our hand because often the opponent does not put us on a draw but on a made hand: We will get paid off if we hit. In addition we make the pot big and “play a big pot with a big hand“. We maximize our value. Of course we would call an all-in because we would get the right odds.
If our raise just gets called our play on the turn depends on the player. If our hand does not improve and our opponent does not fold very often (has a high went to showdown value) we can take a freecard. In most of the cases we do not have much fold equity since we have only ½ pot size left in our remaining stack.