7 card stud

    • AlcopopDK
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      im looking for someone playeing 7 card stud to help me find the right approach to the game :)

      im trying to learn the game and currently reading some books and railing some 7 card stud online.

      first of all can anyone recommend some books on the supject ? (currently reading 7 card stud by Roy West)

      one of the things im wondering about is how much the appropiate buy in amount in is to; lets say .5$/1$ 7 card stud ?
      a lot of the guys on stars have stacks arround 10-20$ but as a PLO player i find it short. but what would u guys recommend ?

      thx in advantage !

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    • AussieIan
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      for strategy there is some info here....mainly related to hi-lo but still usefull. As far as buy in goes, i'm guessing you're playing limit?????.........in which case a good rule of thumbs is work out how many big bets if every street is capped, and multiply that by 2 for a starting stack.

      This gives you breathing space before you need to reload, and the ability to maximize value from a big hand

      other than that, approach it like any other variant, play tight and aggressive, be aware of position